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coldcasejustice specializes in Breast Cancer, Oncology, Pulmonology.

I am an LVN. I've been a Medical Assistant since 1990; I completed an RN Program but did not finish the last 12weeks. I have an AA Degree in Health Sciences. My goal is to become a Forensic Nurse.

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  1. coldcasejustice

    New to work and School Nursing.

    Hello Nurses, I am an LVN, but have not worked since obtaining my license in 2015. I do have LOTS of clinical experience as I have been a Medical Assistant since 1990 and completed all but last semester of an RN program. My question.. ...
  2. coldcasejustice

    What do you mean I'm not a REAL nurse?!?

    I went through the RN program, completed everything but last 4 weeks. I got my LVN license but have not 'worked' as a nurse yet. (I did however, work as an RN extern and get paid during school.) I bring this up because my 6 yo Sons father tells me &...
  3. coldcasejustice

    My Story: Passed NCLEX on my 2nd attempt!

    Thank u so much. I have an old Hurst-PN NCLEX review book published from 2008 with a 2005 test plan in place. I suppose the core and strategies may help? Where did you get your Hurst study guides? I have the PN mastery app, however, just the free ve...
  4. coldcasejustice

    My Story: Passed NCLEX on my 2nd attempt!

    Thanks for all your great advice! I'm studying for Nclex-pn and sounds like I need to get l​a charity for sure. I've been out of school since 2007 and am worried about reviewing content material, can you recommend any books? Would you say the test i...
  5. coldcasejustice

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Hi Deevaa, I'm studying to pass the LVN NCLEX. I've been out of school 7 years now so any pointers will be greatly appreciated. I understand the test plan is different now, do you know what's so different? I plan on using my old nursing books to stu...
  6. coldcasejustice

    How i passed the NCLEX rn exam. 7/25

    Thank you for sharing! I have been out of school since 2007 and am looking for study materials to pass Lvn Nclex. I checked a book out from library but it's on the old test plan. I am at home with my 3 year old so studying is rather tough. Thanks fo...
  7. coldcasejustice

    NCLEX Study help

    Hello All, Just received my letter today saying I am eligible for LVN testing. Great news- but I have been out of nursing school since 2007! I would appreciate any recommendations on study aids/ books; there is so much out there and I read so much ...
  8. coldcasejustice

    Passed CNA Exam

    I have 3 semesters of RN school and still have to take the skills portion; I am challenging the exam in July.
  9. coldcasejustice

    Help for CNA state exam

    babybluelife, Interesting you are challenging the CNA exam as well, did you pass?
  10. coldcasejustice

    What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

    I will be taking my CNA exam in July in Orange County CA, has anyone tested through the North OC ROP Program? Also, what skills has anyone gotten for CA? Thank u! :)
  11. coldcasejustice

    Help for CNA state exam

    babybluelife, Where did you take your CNA Exam? I am in Orange County, CA and scheduled to take mine 7/21 through the ROP program. I am very nervous as I am challenging it and haven't practiced skills in over 5yrs!! Any pointers? Thank you!
  12. coldcasejustice

    CA CNA Skills Exam Testing Site

    Has anyone taken their CNA Exam through North Orange County ROP in Anaheim, CA? It is a Regional Testing Center for the NNAAP. From what I've read on the posts, most seem to test through the Red Cross. I wondered if ROP was strict since LVN instructo...
  13. I live in So CAL and am a 4th semester RN student trying to challenge the LVN boards. I too, am looking for the best book to utilize; from what I'm hearing... Saunders seems to be the book of choice. Do most of you agree? Also, what about Kaplan, I h...