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TryingNot2BeScared specializes in I was the Assistant to the DON.

Current Pre-Nursing Student at Dutchess Community College in New York

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  1. Fresh Air Fund Salary?

    I have a phone interview today for The Fresh Air Fund, did not realize it was sleep away for nurses too! However she said she would still like to speak as you can add me for perdiem, as I live right down the road. I have no idea what the pay would be...
  2. Montefiore - new hires

    Do they still hire LPN's? What about new grad LPN?
  3. Burke Rehab in White Plains

    I thought of applying to, but I live an hour north. The area up here is saturated and I am running out of places to apply. How much do they strt new grad LPN down there in LTC?
  4. Would you mind looking at my resume-New Grad LPN

    The format did not come out right at all when I copied and pasted it. Sorry.
  5. Would you mind looking at my resume-New Grad LPN

    Jo Blow, LPN ABC Rd. New York, NY 12590 (212) XXX-XXXX Professional Experience:2010-2013 Nature's Pantry Specialized Team Associate Assisted customers with alternative and holistic remedy decisions. Implemented nutritional infor...
  6. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    You guys really do rock!! I only wish I knew each one of you personally and we could be each others support system :) Now back to hitting the books I mom has my 9 month old ALL mom rocks too!
  7. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    I hope so...hubby and I are definitely separating, he finally came home at 4am last I am done. My mom watched both kids for 10 hours yesterday while I worked. She wanted him to get a break from the kids, have time to apply for jobs and str...
  8. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    Thank you!!! Its getting better...I did my crying last night, lol. Today was LONG as my daughter woke up at 430 but I lived through it and thats all that matters :) And if my relationship remains on the rocks than it makes it all worthwhile knowing t...
  9. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    Carmela I am also a neat freak, lol....That has been sooo hard for me! How far are you into your program?
  10. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    Thank you Mindy for all your words, I really needed to hear that. I went in the bathroom, balled my eyes out, made some tea and have been studying again :) Its going to be SOO hard but I have to for my children...have to. I hope your able to get some...
  11. How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    I need some serious help as I am about to give up and be in ALOT of student loan debt. I started an LPN 10 month accelerated program this week and I am sooo overwhelmed. I have a special needs (on the spectrum) 4 year old and a 9 month old....and a 4...
  12. LPN vs RN on Long Island

    DO you have kids too? Its so hard right now...I have 2 little ones.
  13. Medical equipment for clinicals

    Thank you I guess my medical terminology is pretty good since I figured it out lol.
  14. So far so good!!

    I envy you!! I start monday and I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old! I also plan to work 12 hours/week....argh I am soooooo scared. My 4 year old is special needs and is like having 10 kids...I also have to keep telling myself its for our future!! ...
  15. Medical equipment for clinicals

    Oh lord I start my LPN program on monday and haven't a clue what an oximiter is! Should I?? Is it the thing you put on the finger to measure O2?