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BroadwayRN has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ER.

Nurse in NYC

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  1. BroadwayRN

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

    Just tell the truth before you end up digging yourself in deeper and get a reputation as being a fibber.
  2. BroadwayRN

    Read the thread before you post!!!!!

    And the OP has a right to express their thoughts too, correct? I personally get down right nauseated reading some of the posts so when I see one that I know provokes that nauseated feeling I simply pass it by. The worst offender? The NCLEX questions
  3. BroadwayRN

    Completely and totally disgusted.

    Don't believe a word they're telling you! Insurance companies will try to keep from paying at any opportunity. It is against the law to consider pregnancy a pre-exsisting condition. I can understand them dropping your coverage since you are leaving but they have to allow you cobra. It will undoubtly be more expensive but not as expensive as mortgaging everything you own to pay the hospital and nursery bill.
  4. BroadwayRN

    Cabbage Soup Diet!

    It's only water weight loss and it will come back as soon as you start eating again even if you start eating again at a reduced amount. It's totally water. Period. You suffered for nothing.
  5. BroadwayRN

    Going on 5

    I am so sorry to hear about your trouble with the NCLEX. It makes no difference how many questions you did or didn't get nor does it matter what state you are in. Surely you know everything you need to know from studying it 4+ times. I think maybe you need to focus on how to take a multiple choice test. They can be tricky. I can send you some hints if you want me to.
  6. BroadwayRN

    Transportation of the deceased neonate

    I agree that a plastic container is disrespectful. I wouldn't want it for my child. On the other hand I think the fancy decorated basket is too much. It's not a joyous occasion. I think wrapping the babe in a receiving blanket and carrying it like you would a live baby would be a good choice.
  7. BroadwayRN

    What does an LPN do exactly?

    Depending on the state you live in LPN's can do just about everything that an RN can do. In many states they can do everything including starting and managing IV's and pushing IV meds. The only thing they cannot do is an admission assessment or be in charge. If you're going to school for a year or so you may as well go for 2 years and get your associates in nursing and be an RN.
  8. BroadwayRN

    nclex rn if you got the last question wrong, means you failed

    That is totally an old wives tale. Who makes up this stuff anyway?
  9. BroadwayRN

    Humiliation and embarassment after NCLEX failure

    Try not to worry about the people talking about you behind your back, that only means you're already two steps ahead of them. I know several very good nurses who failed their first NCLEX. I know one who failed 5 times but she didn't give up and she is an awesome nurse.
  10. BroadwayRN

    Did you catch a disease while working as a nurse?

    You can catch the same infections from touching shopping carts, touching door knobs, a restaurant table top or in any public place.
  11. BroadwayRN

    please help!! I cant read the replies i get.

    Yep, it shows. You now have 2 reply's to this question.
  12. BroadwayRN

    please help!! I cant read the replies i get.

    Are you sure you are getting reply's? I don't know why they wouldn't show up. Let me see if this one does.
  13. BroadwayRN

    Nursing and belief in the supernatural

    Explanation please?
  14. BroadwayRN

    Starting to freak out!!!

    4 days training? Don't sweat 4 days. Patients are patients whether in the NH or Hosp. Age knows no lack of disrespect and ungratefulness. Good Luck in your pursuit.
  15. BroadwayRN

    Nclex 75 questions - no math!!!! Crazy!!!!

    What does having a valid SSN and being a US citizen have to do with passing or failing NCLEX? Don't sell yourself short. 99% of nurses think they failed. I think like 75-80% pass. BTW using all capital letters is considered shouting in the cyber world.
  16. BroadwayRN

    Took NCLEX today.....265 Questions!

    We'll be congratulating you in a couple of days, just wait and see...