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  1. CVCC LPN Program

    Hi! Everyone! I have a question. Has anyone ever attended the LPN Program at CVCC in Phenix City, AL? I have a cousin who was accepted for the Fall Semster and she was just wondering how the program and instructors were. Thanks for any replies. :)
  2. What's it like in CT?

    I was thinking about moving to New Britian,CT and I was just wondering what's it like there. Can a single mom with 2 boys make a decent living there on a LPN salary? Thanks for any replies! :balloons:
  3. What's it like in CT?

    Oh Gosh! I wonder should I stay in Georgia! How about the Hartford area? Is that a great area to live in? Pokey you are making me having second thoughts here! But seriously thank you for your honest replies! :balloons:
  4. What's it like in CT?

    Thank you for your reply! How are the public schools there in the New Britain area? :balloons:
  5. What's it like in CT?

    Do these suburban areas have nursing homes? I love working with the elderly population. And can a single mom raise 2 boys on a LPN salary up there? If there are any LPN's that live CT please respond. Thanks!
  6. Salaries for LPN and Cost of Living

    Hi! I'm new to the board. My question is what's the salary for a LPN in CT. I will be moving there next year. I'm currently livng in GA. And also how's the cost of living. Thanks!