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  1. What's it like in CT?

    Oh Gosh! I wonder should I stay in Georgia! How about the Hartford area? Is that a great area to live in? Pokey you are making me having second thoughts here! But seriously thank you for your honest replies! :balloons:
  2. What's it like in CT?

    Thank you for your reply! How are the public schools there in the New Britain area? :balloons:
  3. What's it like in CT?

    Do these suburban areas have nursing homes? I love working with the elderly population. And can a single mom raise 2 boys on a LPN salary up there? If there are any LPN's that live CT please respond. Thanks!
  4. What's it like in CT?

    I was thinking about moving to New Britian,CT and I was just wondering what's it like there. Can a single mom with 2 boys make a decent living there on a LPN salary? Thanks for any replies! :balloons:
  5. CVCC LPN Program

    Hi! Everyone! I have a question. Has anyone ever attended the LPN Program at CVCC in Phenix City, AL? I have a cousin who was accepted for the Fall Semster and she was just wondering how the program and instructors were. Thanks for any replies. :)
  6. Salaries for LPN and Cost of Living

    Hi! I'm new to the board. My question is what's the salary for a LPN in CT. I will be moving there next year. I'm currently livng in GA. And also how's the cost of living. Thanks!