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  1. I'm contemplating a position with Health Ways as Local Care Coordinator in Maryland. Has anyone worked for this company? Its not the telenursing position which they have plenty of and I've seen reviews for. Thanks!
  2. fsv1024

    Part time/Per diem jobs

    Hi everyone! I'm currently an ICU nurse though I'm still in my fellowship training. I've had previous experience in Med Surg however so Im not a "new grad" just new to intensive care. I'm looking for additional work on the side that is NOT as stressful as hospital /bed side nursing just to supplement my income and help towards a downpayment for a new home Im looking to purchase. I figured perhaps a home heath care agency would be a good option for an extra day of work. A good friend of mine used to work for an agency (sady not in my area) and used to be called from time to time to go to various homes. He would do wound care, administer shots etc... the work varied. I do have the option of doing prn work at a hospital I worked at but the unit was intense and everyone ran around like a chicken without a head (6-7 pts per shift and complete chaos). Does anyone know of any agencies that I could apply for part time/per diem work? I live in Maryland but I could easily go to DC/Virginia because all are pretty accessible to me. Thanks!
  3. HI everyone! I'm about to complete my first year as an RN and I would like to update my resume. I'm looking to apply to higher acuity units so I'm not sure if I should altogether delete the internships and clinicals from nursing school. Any advice? I'm also having trouble filling out the objective portion. Anyone out there good with resumes or know of a website with really good examples? Thank you!!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a new nurse (working in both surgical/trauma and med surg for several months) but with plenty of medical experience prior to nursing (I've worked at a cancer institute and an ed for several years prior to this since nursing is my second career). I've gone on several medical mission trips and my goal is to eventually apply to work with Doctor's Without Borders (unfortunately one needs 2 or so years experience in order to apply). However, I'm really interested in going again but now as an rn. My main setback is that I can't really afford to spend the money I've spent in the past. Does anyone know of any organizations that charge a reasonable fee to volunteer and who wouldn't mind sharing a bit of their experience? Thank you!
  5. I'm still orienting and during the first week that I switched to the night shift I had my very first rapid response and first code--in one night. The next night I had my second rapid response and second code. What a week!!! The codes were handled excellently by the staff and I was really proud of the team on my floor. I was able to get in there, start compressions and help out as best as possible even though it may not have been much. I admit I still felt useless even though I was able to lend a hand. I wish I'd known a few things. I was told to hang up a bag of saline "wide open". I felt like the biggest moron for not realizing this meant that I should take it out of the iv pump and let it run on its own. I'd never heard of this before! Thankfully I did as I was told and asked one of the experienced nurses what that meant. Still, in a chaotic setting this just seems like a nuisance. Anyone have any pieces of advice or any other tid bits of info that would be helpful in case I experience my 3rd code in the near future? I'm crossing my fingers that it won't happen anytime soon!
  6. fsv1024

    Scrubs store in Northern NJ?

    Hi everyone! I'm in NJ for this week and I wanted to look for a comfortable pair of white pants to go with the scrubs I have. Does anyone know of any good places in Northern NJ (Bergen County area)? Thanks!
  7. fsv1024

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Sorry to hear that Dawn! I know it must be frustrating. What state/ area do you live in ?
  8. I figured I'd ask. A few of my friends and I were chatting about this: Do you keep your nursing shoes in your car, bring them into your home, or clean them after a shift?
  9. fsv1024

    I am lucky...but I'm still very disappointed ::sighs::

    Unless you're forced to sign a contract for a year - I would very much start the clinic job and keep looking for a hospital job in the meanwhile!! What part of NJ are you from? I'm from JErsey myself although I now live elsewhere.
  10. fsv1024

    THings to get before beginning 1st job as an RN

    Also forgot to ask.. How are you liking the ultrascope you purchased? I was considering getting that rather than littman. However, everyone seems to say its best to try different stethoscopes prior to purchasing.
  11. fsv1024

    THings to get before beginning 1st job as an RN

    Thank you very much! Everyone has been very helpful. ITs funny but you're the second person to mention different colored pens. I hate to sound dense but what did you change colors for? Anything particularly important that is escaping my mind? My preceptor and I would carry out own pen (regardless of color) and often everyone would just steal them from the nurses' station :)
  12. fsv1024

    Cheapest Online store to buy Littman Stethoscopes?

    Hi everyone! What is the difference between the Littman Lightweight SE II and the SE II? Is it just that one weighs less than the other?
  13. fsv1024

    THings to get before beginning 1st job as an RN

    Thank you! Yes we were given a stethoscope in nursing school but it certainly wasn't a quality one! It is pretty much along the quality of the disposable ones you put together that some hospitals have in their supply rooms in case a nurse forgets or in case they need it for the isolation rooms. I know Littman is a good brand but I'm not sure if I need to shell out for the really expensive one or if the basic will work just fine. I'll keep the pens in mind! Thanks! :)
  14. fsv1024

    First Year After Nursing Licensure-My Story by nrsnic

    I really hope that you DO NOT give up! You spent so much time and effort into getting your degree and I promise you that your experience is NOT the norm. There will be good/bad in the future... of course... but I do hope that you continue on and try to obtain a position in another facility before giving up on nursing. Have you tried hospitals in your area?
  15. Hi everyone!! I just took the nclex, passed and can now officially begin my job in about two weeks! I'll be working on Medical floor and floating to a surgical floor eventually. Does anyone have any advice for things that I'll need to buy before starting? I have the scrubs down.. I have NO idea on what stethoscope to purchase.... support hose? Anything else anyone would suggest that I'm forgetting? Watch? Thanks!