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IVyPush-her has 9 years experience and specializes in Surgery.

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  1. IVyPush-her

    Which hospitals have Sim lab?

    Hi! I am looking for information as to which California hospitals have an OR simulation lab. I am assuming that there are not too many and I might have to branch out to other states. I am helping a CNO with a project. If you are aware of any hospital that does have a lab or is planning on implementing one could you post here? Thank you
  2. IVyPush-her

    Where do OR nurses go in the AF?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I did find an interesting PDF document on the internet put out by a recruiter and it had so much information on it as to joining the AF. So this docuement showed all the locations and the types of positions offered. The number next to the base is the number of beds at that hospital and the NTP is offered at some of the locations. All of these locations had a check mark next to OR. I looked at the application that the recruiter sent me and I noticed you choose 8 "stateside" locations and that you are not allowed to request "overseas" unless you are prior military. So having read that, the location that I would be working at would be one of the hospitals in the US. It just seems so limited for an OR nurse. But on the other hand I guess I know exactly where I could be sent. My question is, how do you know what location has a need for a nurse? I am applying a year out and am pretty sure things could possibly change by then. Also, for some of the hospitals that are smaller, what happens when the cases are done? Do you float to another floor? Thanks Hospitals in the Continental United States AFA/Peterson, CO 12 Andrews, MD 60 NTP Eglin, FL 56 NTP Keesler, MS 78 NTP Lackland, TX 270 NTP Langley, VA 35 Mt. Home, ID 10 Nellis, NV 104 NTP Travis, CA 90 NTP Wright Patterson, OH 65 NTP Aviano, Italy 14 Elmendorf, Alaska 55 Landstuhl, Germany 140 Lakenheath, England 39 Misawa, Japan 25 Osan, Korea 20 Yokota, Japan 15 Amb Surg Clinics Overseas Incirlik, Turkey
  3. IVyPush-her

    Age Limit for Navy & Air Force Nurses

    Hey guys, I wrote my recruiter who specializes in the AF Nurse Corps out of Los Angeles. I told her I had heard that there was a halt on age waivers and that I did not realize the process was so long. I graduate in Aug with my Masters and this is what she had to say: Julie, Things are very competitive right now and that may be an understatement. An application is taking from 6-12 months to complete at this time and if you graduate in 2012, you may be looking at a 2013 COT date. Don't worry about the age because the cutoff is 46 yrs at this time. Not sure where you got 42. But if your ultimate goal is to join the Air Force, I would suggest you get the ball rolling because nothing is guaranteed and you can't predict the road blocks you may encounter. I attached the application so send it back to me once it is 100% complete and I will make you and initial appointment at the office in Los Angeles. So do the recruiters get different information?
  4. IVyPush-her

    Age Limit for Navy & Air Force Nurses

    Hi, look here http://airforce.com/joining-the-air-force/commissioned-officer-overview/ It says up to 48 but my recruiter told me 47.
  5. IVyPush-her

    Where do OR nurses go in the AF?

    wow thanks that really helps. How about oversees? thanks
  6. IVyPush-her

    Where do OR nurses go in the AF?

    Hi, I am considering joining the Nurse Corps and wanted to find out where the surgical hospitals were. I found a list of hospitals but it does not specify if there is an OR there. Thanks Julie
  7. IVyPush-her

    Age Limit for Navy & Air Force Nurses

    Really? Ok I will look some more. The recruiter was the one that told me that. Most of the people that I have been talking to have said that the AF would be better. They gave many reasons too.
  8. Hi, Im looking into the Healthcare administrator graduate program. Is anyone familiar with this university? I applied and the classes start in February. Any info would help. Thanks
  9. IVyPush-her

    Bellevue University

    Hi, I am looking at pursuing my Masters degree in Healthcare Administration. Does anyone know much about Bellevue University? They were extremely nice on the phone. They made it sound too easy to start their program. I looked around on the forum but not too much talk about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. IVyPush-her

    Will hospitals pay tuition for it's employees?

    Check with HR at the facility that you are planning on working at. Every hospital is different. Most hospitals do have a tuition reimbursement program. Check around at different hospitals before you accept a position if that is your goal. Where I work you must be an employee for 1 year before they will let you take part in this program. To answer your question, normally it is not difficult to get your money back. As long as the tuition reimbursement program has not been cut from the budget. Good luck with your studies.
  11. IVyPush-her

    Relocating to TN

    Hi, Anybody know how long the hiring process is for Vanderbilt? When I spoke to the recruiter we kinda got off the subject and I never got that answered. Also any information about the hospital would be great. I have gone up and down their website, maps and jobs to get some ideas. Is parking an issue? There are so many different facilities within. I work surgery and thought I wanted to work the main OR but the childrens hospital looks like a great place to work too? Thanks Julie
  12. IVyPush-her

    Shoud I just do it??

    DO IT! I graduated in June. I turned 36 a week before graduation. I love my job and would not have changed anything. However, I did miss out a lot with my kids. My husband is very supportive and is a stay home dad so the kids did have someone available to them. It got hard for a bit because when I did start showing up at their school functions or sports games the other parents where asking who I was. Umm, her mom! Kinda sad. My kids were so proud of me at graduation, it was awesome. I am even considering going on to work on my masters-not right away. Its never too late for education. Good Luck Julie
  13. IVyPush-her

    any o' yall ever been a ER tech????

    Hi I worked as an ER tech for a few months during nursing school. Where I worked the docs were great and I learned a lot. However, they demanded more time than I had available or willing to give. Another thing to think about...Is this where you hope to work as an RN? That was something that came into play or me. I wanted to work in the OR so I gave up my position to focus on school. However, I accepted a tech position in the OR a few months before graduation. I knew I wanted to work there so basically it was a foot in the door for me. I was offered a RN position before graduation. Soooo, if the ER is where you want to work as a RN you should do it if time allows. Good Luck Julie
  14. IVyPush-her

    Southern Oregon pay rates?

    Hi I work in the hospital here in Grants Pass. I graduated in June and started with 23.85/hr. I think shift pay is 4.00 not sure I work in the OR. $10.00 an hr is a big difference. I guess it comes down to what you really would like to do. What is more important to you? Yes, you would be saving by not paying rent or mortgage but your pay cut is something like 2,000 a month right? I moved from Southern California about 9 years ago and don't regret it. I do miss all the entertainment available there but GP is a better place, I think. Hopefully this info helps. Check out Asante.org for jobs. Julie
  15. IVyPush-her

    CNOR study guide-good for new RN?

    Hi everyone, I am a recent grad from nursing school and now work in the operating room. I have been doing an internship in the OR for the last year. I really enjoy the OR and would like to learn as much as possible. Do you recommend I read the CNOR study guide and standards as a way to learn more specifically about the OR? I am an impatient person and want to learn as much as possible to do my job accurately. I read all the policies in my department but feel that there is sooo much more that I need to read about. Anybody have the CNOR study guide that is willing to sell it? I went to the AORN website and found the book but I really do not want to spend $50.00 for it since It could be out of date by the time that I take the CNOR exam in a few years. Thanks Julie
  16. IVyPush-her

    Ab or vag prep first?

    Thanks for all the posts. I still don't know which I prefer better. I think I will go over the recommended practices and go from there. My preceptor says do what feels more comfortable but I would like to do what is best for the patient. Thanks again everyone Julie