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  1. orgo geek

    north sore lij salary and benefits

    Can anyone tell me north shore lij hospitals starting salary and benefits package. I know its a health system so I am not sure if all of the hospitals in the health system have the same base starting salary and benefits so if possible please name the hospital in the north shore lij health system with the salary and benefits. for benefits.....really curious about how soon they kick in and how much tuition reimbursement yearly and how soon one is eligible for tuition reimbursement. thanks
  2. Ummm.... .our pts on mgso4 are transferred via paramedics and a house physician accompanies the pt. Not a nurse.
  3. orgo geek

    L&D nurse want to be cnm (maybe??)

    So...today was my second day on L&D and saw two deliveries. this is my first hospital job and when i was in school i fell in love with ob and thought "this is it...i want to work in L&d. this is where i was meant to be". so yesterday i didn't see any deliveries, just laboring patients. today as i witnessed my the first delivery, i found myself looking at the ob md's and thinking "THAT'S what I want to be doing" not keeping record of the delivery, but actually performing the delivery. I want to be directing this mom on pushing and then catching that baby..... is this a normal thought at this stage? i this thought just a phase? or should I not wait....i mean I kind of wanted to become a cnm eventually (maybe) but after that i am like should i just go straight through as far as education instead of taking a break first and then going going back to become a cnm. any and all comments welcome
  4. orgo geek

    Stethoscope for labor and delivery

  5. orgo geek

    RN new graduate finding jobs in new york

    so did you hear from them yet??
  6. orgo geek

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

    i dont know what the hourly break down is but my starting salary is a little over 70K yearly
  7. orgo geek

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

    thanks for replying! I am a new grad in nyc. this particular agency that i am interested in prides themselves on not only having a good training program but also having resources available to you becuase you are not in the feild but at a desk and therefore have many co-workers to draw from if need be.
  8. orgo geek

    RN new graduate finding jobs in new york

    just curious... where did you here this from? i hope this is true... if this is the case...one would think that the hospitals would would start hiring from now so those seasoned nurses can pass on some of their wisdom before retirement....
  9. orgo geek

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

    thanks! i am in nyc. is it similar in nyc?
  10. hi, i know its been quite some time siince you posted the above comment. i was just wondering if you still love vsny? ho w is it? wouls you still recommend it to a new grad? a previous poster stated that they make you sign a contract. is this true and can you tell me alittle about the contract. what is the actual length of the contract and wen does your contract time begin, at the beiginning or end of the 9 month internship? is there lots of paper work and do you find yourself bringing this paper work home at night to finish? thank you
  11. orgo geek

    Homecare...Anyone Please?!

    aah the waiting game....ui am also playing that game. i had an interview with an agency a week and a half ago. everything went fairly well. i was told to call the next day in the afternoon but before i could call the recruiter called me in the morning and asked me to come in for a second interview. i went yesterday and was interveiwed by a superviser and a director. both interviews went well. sooo no i am waiting for a call to here yay or nay or come in for yet another interview (the director said this is a possibility)
  12. orgo geek

    Homecare...Anyone Please?!

    so did you take the job?
  13. orgo geek

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

  14. orgo geek

    Americare anyone?

  15. orgo geek

    Homecare...Anyone Please?!

    :Di am sorry...i heard....hello all, i am a new grad and i know how super tuff this economy is yet i was fortunate enough to land a job theat they are willing to train me for after only a month of being an rn. so i am asking you, oh ppl who are fortunate to work in this tough market and you, oh ppl who have had ur license for a year plus and still no job offers....should i take this job or should i wait for something that may or may not come my way (by the looks of the job market and some hospitals not wanting to even consider new grads.......its possible but highly unprobable that another interview, let alone offer, will be in the near future), take the job. take the job take the job. and dont forget to show them that yes indeed it is worth it to hire new grads (and train them in need be). who knows....maybe a successful new grad hire will make them more open to new grads in the future;)
  16. orgo geek

    anyone know what Harlems like these days?

    sorry i dont know what harlem is like but i was wondering if that job offer was at harlem hospital? have a couple of questions if it is:)