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    I'm really angry!!! And i just need to vent!!!!

    I can certainly identify with you. I am a new grad myself and I am GA and can not find a position. There are none available right now it seems. I have been begun to look out of state. I so want to work as a nurse but when is it going to happen. I am still keeping my faith and looking. However, I am getting really tired of looking on the internet I am at the end of my rope.
  2. kni0084


    Good day to everyone. I am a recent new grad. I am seriously considering relocating from GA to FL. I would like to know what is usually the starting salary for a new grad in the south fl (ft. lauderadale, dade, broward area). Thanks in advance
  3. kni0084


    Hi everyone, I would like it if someone could give me some feedback on my research question. What is the relationship between multiple abortions and the development of uterine cancer. Thanks in advance
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    A pleasant good day to everyone, I am currently taking a research course. I am having a hard time writing my research question. Listed below is the question: How do outcomes differ if type 1 diabetes is diagnosed as a younger juvenile rather than of an older juvenile I am really having a hard time writing research questions.