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  1. acd060470

    FL Nclex result

    Do you know you can check your result in 24 hours now on the BON? Save your money don't go for quickresults.
  2. acd060470

    Toefl Rescoring experiences.

    Hi International nurses I know many of us have to show proof of English proficiency, if you take Toefl and have doubt about your score don't hesitate to go for re-scoring . It is expensive,but if you think you did your best, it's worth the risk.I took Toefl test recently, I received 78 I need 80, I went for re-scoring without hesitation and had 82 after re-scoring.Good thing they will refund your money if there is any changes.
  3. acd060470

    Daytonite has passed away...

    So sad. I already miss her.May God comfort her family.
  4. acd060470

    FL BON New Rules??

    They said in Nursing theory areas. I did the healthcare Profession and Sciences for MA.My report said that I have the level of US registered nurses.After I did the Full Education course by course for Florida they sent the ATT to me to seat for the test.
  5. acd060470

    FL BON New Rules??

    Is this ever happen to anyone? I am a foreign graduate, I sat with FL BON Nov 2008. I took the exam and failed once.Now I apply to retake they said that my CES report said my education is deficient.Please help me.:confused:
  6. acd060470

    NCLEX 3500 Link Help

    Thanks everyone for the link.Thanks very much merina.
  7. acd060470

    NCLEX 3500 Link Help

    I used a link to NCLEX 3500 before to study now it doesn't work .Did anyone has the same problem?
  8. acd060470

    Finally passed on my 8th time.

    Congratulations! I failed once and lost interest.Your story boost me up.You're such an inspiration. Thanks.
  9. acd060470

    Question about NCSBN Learning Extension

    I think they have a price for multiples user,that mean you can do it.Not sure,check the site.
  10. acd060470

    Passed RN Nclex in 75