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Fail at 75 first time

I am an international nurse ,I took my test last Tuesday and I found that I failed this morning. I am with Fl BON I know that they will send me the result after 1 month. Also I have to wait 45 days before I can take the test, I want to use Suzanne's Plan Should I wait until I have my ATT to start PM her. I give myself a 3 months limit to go back.:confused::down::cry::cry:

I am so sorry! Concentrate on the future now though. Prepare for your next NCLEX and just remember to prioritize care when answering questions according to acquity.

good luck

Give yourself some time to feel badly, then start again to prepare. You should study as if you haven't taken it before. Many people have been successful using Suzanne's plan. Check out the stickies at the head of this forum and start a plan. Good luck.

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