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    SUNY Downstate

    hello guys are they still taking applications?
  2. Anyone interview at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island yet? any info/advice would be appreciated, I received an interview offer and scheduled my interview early December . Anyone going for their interview around the same time, please say hello. One more thing, I did'nt receive my letter they told me it was mailed since october 28th, I don't know why my letter never showed up I happened to call to ask about the status of my application when II was informed they were waiting for me to schedule the interview they extended to me. I was transferred to the director sho told me never mind the letter, I was in fact offered and interview and gave me the secretary's number to schedule my interview. The secretary has since email the interview offer letter and instructions etc. Lesson/advice, if you haven't receive a letter, you should call the school and request a status update on your application. Anyone with advice on this school/interview process etc your wisdome would be apprecaited. Thanks in Advance


    Has anyone heard from MSA for interviews 2010 as yet?

    UB Interview

    Hello JA, I applied there too haven't heard anything yet though, I don't know much about their interview either hope someone on here can help us. When is your interview and can you please give me an idea of your stats? ie gpa etc? please let me know how the interview went. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I applied too, anyone with any info on the number of students they admit and is this program really 20,000.00? Has anyone received any interview notification yet or heard of anyone receiving ? What are you folks stats anybody mind ?

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    MNSRNA, Thank you for some very useful info, Could you please dicuss cost of the program at some point? Pleasem let me know if there are any financial aid programs offered by the school or its affiliates or is it all federal student aid. How many months expect to actually be in school? Thank s in advance

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    hey brook, drop me a pm am looking at msa too

    Memorial hospital of Rhode Island

    Anyone have any experience with Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island Anesthesia Program? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Does anyone have any info on Memorial Hospital of Rhode IslandSchool of Nurse Anesthesia program?. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. JOONKA

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    Thank you for the info Sean, I am actually on the east coast, Philadelphia, 5 years CTICU/ SURGICAL TRAUMA ICU I am actually in the process of finishing up my BSN, will be done december 2010, but I am planning to apply this August. I have read a few threads about MSA, BUt they were all old from a few years ago, it seems info about MSA in this forum is very scarce. Please mention cost of living, any impressions you have gathered from former students about the interview process etc. Simply any info you can think of as maybe being helpful about the twin cities etc please convey. Thank you
  11. JOONKA

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    Is there anyone with some insights on Minneapolis School of Anesthesia?. I am thinking of applying there for 20011, anyone with interview experience there, current students or even folks Who are planning to apply there. I would love some info and a chance to network. Thanks in advance
  12. JOONKA

    Five sue over nursing-school ouster

    I am an RN in the Philadelphia local and my wife graduated from this program infact the plaintiffs in this case were her classmates; as I understand it these folks could'nt cut it. These students were all given a chance to catch up, infact the lead plaintiff." Whitaker" was in this class for the second time and failed the same semester. In response, they first pulled the race card and got local politicians involved when that failed they went the legal route. I fully ecpect this effort to fail and the twenty two thousand dollars tuition most of it was granted by PHEA Pennsylvania Higher education program infact only five thousand dollars were actually paid by each student out of pocket. I know, I paid my wifes. While I agree this kind of situation has been too often the case, this situation is an example of people who simply could not handle the rigors of the program and believe it should be given to them as some kind of token.
  13. JOONKA

    Entry level RANK

    Thanks CarolinaPooh precise ans I'll continue researching this.
  14. JOONKA

    Entry level RANK

    Guys please educate me on trhe entry level ranking system in the nurse corps. If one one is commissioned with 6 yrs of critical care experience with a BSN, CCRN and a masters programs altready started, what would be the expected entry level rank for Army or Air force?. Almost 15 yrs prior enlisted active duty time, how would Oe pay factor in and at what amount? Thank in advance aby input is appreciated.
  15. hey navy nurses can someone please let me in on the navy's version of constuctive credit if any. 4.5 -5 years critical care nursing would be the awarded what rank upon appointment? the 4.5-5 yrs are all critical care icu with ccrn certification and with asn. will be completing bsn within few months. thanks in advance.
  16. Hey Navy Nurses can someone please let me in on the Navy's version of constuctive credit if any. 4.5 -5 years critical care nursing would be the awarded what rank upon appointment? The 4.5-5 yrs are all critical care ICU with CCRN certification and with ASN. Will be completing BSN WITHin FEW MONTHS. Thanks in advance.