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Mama, Doula, Childbirth educator, Breastfeeding Counselor, Phlebotomist, New Grad Nurse

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  1. Smurfette752

    New RN Can I travel?

    Thanks so much for your candor! I thought as much...but thought I would check, just in case it was feasible! Stephanie
  2. Smurfette752

    New RN Can I travel?

    Hi all! I'm a new RN...I have lots of women's health experiences but not as an RN. Would I be able to travel? I really would love to get into travel nursing, but an really unsure of how to go about it or if they would even want me being so "new." Thought? Stephanie
  3. Smurfette752

    Thinking about becoming Navy Nurse (officer)

    Thanks, Cyn! Clearly I have a lot to think about....I'm trying to contact a recruiter now. :) I REALLY want to join, and my parents are very supportive and my son and I live with them already. I know I will have to leave him at times, and I know that is going to be hard....but I feel like it is a really good thing for both of us.
  4. Smurfette752

    Thinking about becoming Navy Nurse (officer)

    I am already a BSN. I want to apply to the Navy Nurse Corps. I know I don't have to sign away my parental rights....I just have to share them with my parents in the event I am deployed, etc... Any other info would be greatly appreciated! :)
  5. Hi all, I have a million questions...so glad I found this board on allnurses! Well, I graduated with my BSN a year ago (and unfortunately haven't been able to find work) and I'm strongly considering joining the Navy as an officer. I have always been drawn to the Navy (both of my grandfather's were Navy men.) My dilemma is this: I'm a single mother. My son does not have a father, well he has a biological father...but he isn't in our lives...he left us when my son was an infant. How does it work if you are a single parent? I know you don't get to choose your base...but how soon ahead of time do you know? What is officer training school like? Is it as rough as I am thinking it will be!? haha Like bootcamp? Would I be able to see my son while there (I assume not, but I thought I'd ask.) I also would like to note that I plan to obtain my master degree while in the Navy and plan to specialize in Nurse-Midwifery Any advice and info you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Smurfette752

    New grad to mother/baby needs advice....

    THAT would be AWESOME!
  7. Smurfette752

    New RN grad moving to Boston area

    I just passed my NCLEX in MA....over a year after I graduated, because I simply didn't have the money to pay for my license and the test....since I graduated I have applied for every single job under the sun in MA, CNA, PCA, RN, phlebotomist...I have found nothing. 99% f my classmates have left the state because they can't find jobs here. It SUCKS here. I am now looking elsewhere, and trying to figure out how to move with my son. ugh. I hate Massachusetts...I fear you will be very sorry if you move here.
  8. Smurfette752

    Suggestions on RN starting up as a Holistic Nurse,

    Steelworks....this helped me a great deal! (I'm not the OP) I just passed NCLEX, but I've been a doula, midwife (lay), and a phlebotomist before entering nursing school....I have also been extremely "into" Holistic health. I believe in it before anything else....I will always try a holistic/alternative cure, remedy, etc...before going for a med. I am not "anti" doctor, per say....but I am anti pharma (unless it is REALLY medically necessary, and yes, I have an will take a med if it is truly medically indicated. I was so sad when my son's doctor (a family physician, who als practices alternative medicine) closed her practice for primary care...but was thankful to have found a pedi who is more alternative than 99.9% of them. I'm rambling, im sorry....thanks again for all the info! :)
  9. Smurfette752

    New grad to mother/baby needs advice....

    I've been on this board (mostly lurking) for almost 3 years now....and I also would love to work for you, Babycatcher! :)
  10. Smurfette752

    Got my license today!

    I just wanted to come back and tell you all....I GOT MY RN LICENSE TODAY IN THE MAIL!!! A YEAR after I graduated, I finally took my NCLEX (last week) and passed on my first try! If *I* can do it, anyone can! I'm here if anyone needs help! What I did to prepare: I used the AllNurses study guide, read it a few times. I purchased the NCSBN online course review, which was EXTREMELY helpful! I loved it. took LOTS of practice tests! Thanks for all of your help!!!
  11. Smurfette752

    NCLEX in3 hours - freaking out

    I purchased the NCSBN online study course....it was awesome! Good luck! I hope you pass next try!!!! :)
  12. Smurfette752

    NCLEX in3 hours - freaking out

    if the pearson vue trick works....I PASSED!!!!!!
  13. Smurfette752

    NCLEX in3 hours - freaking out

    I hope the priority and SATA are a good sign because I had a TON of them...the exam shut off after 77 or 78 questions.
  14. Smurfette752

    NCLEX in3 hours - freaking out

    OMG, I'm about to take NCLEX in 3 hours....I've been studying religiously for the past 2 weeks. I graduated in May of LAST YEAR, so I'm really nervous. Please pray for me! I will pray for everyone who is taking it today, too!! :) Good luck!
  15. Smurfette752

    Ethical Dilemmas in OB nursing

    Assisting in circumcision.
  16. Smurfette752

    Lotus Birth...What do yall think about this?

    I would also *gasp* have a homebirth, a lot of what happens in the hospital IS BS. I know many women, nurses AND physicians (OB's even) who have had homebirths....

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