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  1. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    Ok should I address the letter to the Executive officer or the Licensing/Exam unit? Thanks!
  2. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    I've just read the link you gave. They state their that I should inform them if I have a name or address change and also e-mail. Do I still need to inform them re: my telephone numbers or just fill up the form with my latest number? Before, I've sent the bank draft payable to " California Board of Nursing" they accepted it apparently I saw it in the form that I should address it to "Board of Registered Nursing" do you think there would be conflict if I just use "Board of Registered Nursing" thank you.
  3. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    oh ok, like a letter stating that I've changed my number, to whom should I address it? and another re: the bank draft of $75 should I address it on Board of Registered Nursing or California Board of Registered Nursing. Thank you..
  4. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    thanks caliotter3 And I have another question.. 1. Where should I address my reapply form? 2. Is it ok to revise my telephone number in my reapply form because we already change our number. thanks!
  5. shannon_black

    feuer nursing review

    what do you mean the feuer nursing review? you mean the feuer mp3 only?
  6. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    ok thank you =)
  7. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    guys do you know what are the requirements in reapplying aside from the reapply form (is it just 1 page?), and bank draft of 75$.. thank you
  8. shannon_black

    Question Trainer Passing Rate

    nice tip. thanks..
  9. shannon_black

    Best Nclex Review Book international foreign graduates

    hi congrats! where can i buy that book? is it available here in the Philippines. I already have her book "MS nursing" which I used in my school.
  10. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    Thanks Silverdragon.
  11. shannon_black

    An Allnurses success story!

  12. shannon_black

    Anyone.. Is there a deadline??

    Guys, I have taken the NCLEX-RN last February 2009.. I planned to take the exam again. I haven't send the "reapply form" in the BRN california. Do you think there is a deadline in submitting "reapply form" for me to be able to get my eligibility? Thank you!
  13. shannon_black

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    Hi guys! Does anyone know whats their email address? I want to submit my resume, is it advisable to send it via email? Thanks guys.
  14. shannon_black

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    thank you guys big help..
  15. shannon_black

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

    congratulations.. good job!
  16. shannon_black

    Percentage on Saunders or Kaplan CD before passing NCLEX?