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  1. I've been admitted into Nursing school and I am just looking forward to what is to come.So how has life changed for you in a positive way, since becoming a Nurse?
  2. Congratulations to all of you who were admitted to Nursing school this year.For me, it has been a long history of rejections and roadblocks. However, after 13 years since I first attempted to be admitted to Nursing program, I received not one ,but 3 acceptance letters !! I am super excited. To anyone who is reading this and has not yet made it into Nursing school, please don't ever give up if this is what your truly want. Blessings to you all !!!
  3. Want2BeeRN

    How stressful is a career as a Nurse?

    What makes the job stressful? I don't preform well under stress which I think is partly due to having anxiety (although not diagnosed).As I prepare to go back to school,I'm trying to finalize my choice of major.
  4. I currently work in retail and it's driving me nuts.What's a decent place to work in the meantime, while I embark on my journey of becoming a Nurse?
  5. Want2BeeRN

    Need advice on getting my life together.

    Great advice,thank you for your positive words.
  6. Want2BeeRN

    Need advice on getting my life together.

    Thank you all :)
  7. Want2BeeRN

    Need advice on getting my life together.

    I just don't understand what's going on.Things have been the same for quite a while.I'm sure counseling ,like you suggested, wouldn't hurt.
  8. What was the worst job you had before becoming a Nurse? How has Nursing changed your life?
  9. I'm not sure if it's bad luck or my destiny, but I feel as if I am not making any progress.I started off well,thinking that my actions would lead to a bright future.After enrolling at a community college straight after high school,I worked my butt off and earned an above.Despite my efforts, I was denied admission into Nursing school three times.I even tried Speech Pathology and Education,but there seems to be something to deter my path.8 Years after graduating with an Associates in Liberal Arts,I still see myself going from one retail job to another.My dream has always been to work in the Health field.I finally paid off of my school debt this past month,so there is nothing that should hinder me from going back to school and earning a professional degree.The problem is,after a series of up and downs,unhappiness and broken dreams,I find myself depleted of energy and a positive outlook.I don't even know who I am anymore .I've lost a lot of confidence in myself.I've probably developed anxiety...and I'm just so irritated and tired most of the time.Beside having a child,I feel like I have no purpose..as if I can't be good at anything.How will I be to interact and liked by my colleagues in the professional world when I'm in this mess? Any advice?
  10. If you could do it again,what career would you choose to pursue instead of Nursing?What are your reasons?
  11. Want2BeeRN

    Do Nurses really make "good money?"

    As I research career options,I have to be realistic with myself.I want a career where I can make a positive change as well as make enough money to support myself and my family.Do Nurses make over $50,000 straight out of school? What is the 411 on salary?
  12. I've always wanted to be a Nurse,but my plans were put on hold for quite a while.I'm going back to school this year and I'm just researching career options.Nursing was a dream of mine after high school,over a decade ago.Despite my high gpa,I didn't make it into an affordable Nursing program.I'm willing to take out a loan to pursue my goal of obtaining a professional degree,but I want to make sure that I'm making the right decision.I'm an introvert with changing moods.Sometimes I enjoy talking to others ,and most times I enjoy being alone.I get nervous if I have to speak to a crowd,but normally,I find it easy introducing myself and talking to new people.What traits does one have to possess in order to be a good Nurse?
  13. Oh gosh,where do you live dear? These people should come to New York.A job position is almost guaranteed after passing the NCLEX.
  14. Want2BeeRN

    Nursing school and a 3.47 GPA.Do I stand a chance?

    i have spoken with a few nurses.alot of them like their jobs,but many of them told me they did it b/c "thats where the money is" or b/c they had to take care of their children.i have also met students who couldnt get a job with the degree they had and switched over to nursing just because they wanted to live.they did very well.do you think everyone who studies nursing are really passionate about it? come on.lets be real.the students who did poorly in your class didnt do so b/c they didnt like nursing but b/c they just didn't try hard enough.so the passionate ones all passed?i doubt you're theory is reliable.btw,make that two :-p
  15. Want2BeeRN

    Nursing school and a 3.47 GPA.Do I stand a chance?

    well,nothing is easy.i am up for the challenge.btw,we have the same name i think.lol