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  1. menemsha

    Audio site for murmurs

    I am looking for an audio site that allows you to listen to what murmurs sound like......PDA, VSD etc & perhaps with pictures that show you the best spot for where on the chest to hear them. Thanks
  2. menemsha

    Resuscitation equipment

    Google www.kangarooboard.com I am specifically talking about resuscitaires in Delivery.
  3. menemsha

    Resuscitation equipment

    Can anyone recommend a device that stores resuscitation equipment. It would have to be the type that would be used on a resucitaire...........similar to Kangaroo Boards that I have seen. Looking for something to save rummaging in the drawers...similar say tothose drop down toiletry bags that hang up. Thanks.
  4. Many years ago our unit used to make up our own bubble CPAP circuits....but just recently we have a commercial device. The rep. has said it doesn't have to bubble continuously....that it is OK for it to bubble intermittently. Now I thought it did have to bubble gently, but continuously to achieve CPAP............. can anyone tell me which is the case............ Thanks
  5. menemsha

    Breast milk Identification

    Not at all familiar with bar codes for checking drugs or breast milk, so bear with me. How many scanners would you need in a NICU?????? I would imagine quite a few depending on size of unit & room lay out, otherwise you would have to be continually finding the scanner. We have a 24 bed NICU & 20 bed SCN.
  6. menemsha

    Positioning for HFOV

    Interested if you are doing regular re positioning on these infants, say turning from side to side. For example month old corrected 28 weeker 900gms. H/O Klebsiella pneumonia. On HFOV for a week with right upper lobe collapse. Do you nurse supine with head mid line or 3hours with right side up & 1hour any other position. What about chest physio. Thanks
  7. menemsha

    CSF Glucose & Blood/Plasma Glucose

    Can someone explain this to me. i understand it is a ratio or a %, but would like to know how to interpret it. I know that bacteria metabolizes glucose, so if a neonate had bacterial meningitis their CSG glucoe would be lower than their plasma glucose, but thats all. What would normal CSF glucose & Blood glucose levels be What about in bacterial meningiits??? Thanks
  8. menemsha

    Type of Feeding Tubes used

    What typr of feeding tube do you use.. The type you replace every 3-7 days? Silastic tubes that are replaced every 30 days? Does anyone know if there is any indication/references the silastic tubes may lessen the incidence of NEC? Thanks Lynda
  9. What brand do you use..Hudson/FisherPaykel ?????? Mask or Prongs or alternate? Anything used to prevent damage to nasal septum? Special nursing care? How do you wean OFF CPAP? Anyone using Bubble CPAP? Any tips/recommendations? I would like to contact someone working at Columbia Mothers & Babies New York re their use of nasal CPAP.......any suggestions how I might do this? Thanks Lynda
  10. menemsha

    Alveolar Arterial ratio

    Can anyone explain or give references to alveolar arterial ratios on blood gas results in babies. I understand the higher the "number" the worse it is & it indicates the infant has a right to left shunt. So, is it that significant, especially when one gas the ratio is normal & 3 hours later it is elevated?????
  11. menemsha

    Oscillating ventilation

    Thank you for the article. I have lots of reading/learning to do. We only have the Natus Ear muffs................I think ear plugs may be a whole lot better.
  12. menemsha

    Oscillating ventilation

    Thanks, I appreciate your reply & your way of explaination. I work in NICU & have been using the Sensormedics in recent times. I must admit I am having a bit of a tough time getting my head around the terms Power & Amplitude. To me it is just so different to conventional ventilation. Also people keep talking about "Centering the Piston" & I haven't figured out whether it really is that important. Can you recommend any online teaching regarding HFOV. Thanks again & well done.
  13. menemsha

    Oscillating ventilation

    Can you please explain about the piston & the purpose behind centering it?????????