Type of Feeding Tubes used


What typr of feeding tube do you use..

The type you replace every 3-7 days?

Silastic tubes that are replaced every 30 days?

Does anyone know if there is any indication/references the silastic tubes may lessen the incidence of NEC?



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We have the silicone tubes or polyurethane that can stay in for 30 days. However, we found increase colonization of bad bacteria in our tubes so now they are changed every 7days. Our NEC rates have since decreased!

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interesting...i don't know the exact type of tubes we use, but we have no policy on changing them, they're replaced with the baby pulls it out...what about NJ/ND tubes, do you replace those weekly as well? We are often able to place those on our own but then you have those tricky babies that require a trip to IR to place them, once they're in we do everything we can to keep them put as long as possible...

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We use the 30 day silastics, but it is pretty rare that they stay in that long. We have not had an increase in NEC. We do flush thru feeds with air or a small amt of sterile water, depending on the kid. On the tiny kids we have 4f tubes we use and they get changed weekly as they are not made of silicone.

We are not allowed to reinsert an NJ/ND tube, there is a higher incidence of perferation with those tubes if not placed correctly, if the docs don't want a trip to IR then they have to place them.


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We use the INDWELL feeding tube, which is made by Kendall/Argyle. We change our tubes every three days. We used to allow them to stay in for 30 days, but recently changed our practice in an attempt to cut down our infection rates.