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  1. Mikerinhouston

    RCPs or RRTs or CRTs in Texas

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. It really help.
  2. Mikerinhouston

    RCPs or RRTs or CRTs in Texas

    In the state of Texas can someone tell me the difference between an RCP, RRT and CRT in respiratory care. I'm very confused. Is there a license in the state of Texas for RRT and CRT or is there only RCP? Thanks for your help.
  3. Mikerinhouston

    Agency Nurses

    When you work for a facility as a agency nurse, even if it is only one time, your agency faxes over a booklet about you, containing all your credentials, test, etc. Does anyone out there know what all they fax over and why? I saw a file about me in the nurse manager's office when I was an agency nurse there and was wondering what is in it and why? HELP.
  4. Mikerinhouston

    Dubai. Yes or No?

    If I wanted to pratice nursing in Dubai as a U.S. citizen how would I go about doing that. Also what are you thoughts on working in Dubai. Have you work there before? Etc. Please Help. Are there any website to go to or other links? Thanks for your help.
  5. Mikerinhouston

    Rehab. nurses. PLEASE HELP.

    I am working on a project that has to do with divide up nursing units in a Rehab. Hospital. How do Inpatient Rehab. Hospital divide up their nursing units? For example, Acute Care Hospitals divide up their nursing units by type, like Critical Care, which includes ER, ICU, IMCU and then General Care, which includes Medical, Surgical, Telemetry, etc. and Pediatric, which includes NICU, PICU, PEDS. etc. and Womens, which includes, Women's surg., PP, L&D, etc. How do Inpatient Rehab. Hospital divide up their units or do they at all? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Mikerinhouston

    Pediatric Nurses, Help

    I need help doing a research project, it is about nursing units in a pediatric hospital. How do you divide up your units? Am I correct in saying this, Nursing units in a Pediatric Acute Care Hospital are divide up like this, Critical Care is made up of ER, NICU, PICU and PIMU, then general units are divide up like this, Medical, Surgical and Telemetry and specialty units are divide up like this, BMT/Onc, Psychiatric and Renal? How is your hospital divide up into? If by age, then how are the ages divide up? Any help is greatly appreciate.
  7. You know when a Hospital wants to open it doors it must first get a license from the state, in Texas they get it from Texas Department of State Health Services. And if you wanted to start a nurse staffing agency in Texas, do you need a license and from what agency would you get it from? Any help would be appreciated and a link would be really nice. Thanks,
  8. Mikerinhouston

    Looking for agency mangerment

    Is there anyone out there that has had experience with running a nurse agency? Need some help with a project of mine. Does anyone know when an agency and a hospital sign a contract, does it have a expiration date? I have a lot of questions that is just one.
  9. Mikerinhouston

    Do you agree with me?

    If you were to take a Pediatric Acute Care Hospital and divide up the units would they be something like this; General: medical units and surgical units, Critical Care Units: PICU, NICU, PIMU and ER, and finally Specialty Care Units: renal units, hemo/onc/bmt units, and orthopedics/rehab. units...... Do you agree with me or do you think it would be divide up differently?
  10. Mikerinhouston

    Rehab. Facilities.

    I'm starting a website about rehab. facilities and it is very important I know all the units in a rehab. facility. Not the type of patient like, post cva, cabg, TKR or whatever but the units, like medical, telemetry, surgical, etc. if they even exist in a rehab. facility. And do the larger rehab. facility have adult and pediatric units. Any help would be greatly apprecitated.
  11. Mikerinhouston

    Who to blame- MD or ER nurse??

    Sounds like a classic dump. The E.R. staff, I hope is not that stupid in your facility. I agree this warrants an incident report because no nurse should receive someone from the E.R. and within 1 hour or less transfering to the ICU. Like all hospital now days, mine no different, are starting a team of nurses call ACT FAST or RAPID RESPONSE TEAM or whatever they are calling them at your facility, call them first. Almost all patient before coding have signs that something if not done quickly to correct them will result in death. And I'm sure your E.R. staff probaly saw some of these signs and quickly got the patient out of there before he coded on them, that is why I am calling this a classic dump from the E.R. But I said this before and I will say it again just because you no longer have the patient does NOT mean you are no longer responsible for the outcome of the patient and that includes E.R. Doctors and the hospital........
  12. Mikerinhouston

    Starting a Nurse Agency.

    Is there any nurse out there who tried to start their own nursing agency, failed or success. I really need to talk to you about it in greater detail. Please write me so I can write you back.
  13. I'm trying to understand contracts between nursing agencies and facilities, how long do the contract usally last one year, two years, etc. Do they end at any time during the month or only at the last day of the month? Do they sometime end aburtly or no? Do the facilities sometime request a nurse from the agency after the contract has ended and the agency send a nurse? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Mikerinhouston

    Rehab. units?????

    Are rehab. hospital units divided into adults and pediatrics or what. Hospitals have for units E.R., ICU, IMU, Med/Surg, Telemetry, etc. What are rehab. units divided into??????
  15. Mikerinhouston

    Rehab. nurses please. Need help.

    Does a Rehab. facility have telemetry units and medical units. How are the units divided up?
  16. Mikerinhouston

    Rehab. nurses please. Need help.

    In a true Rehab. facility what are the nursing units called. Or are they just called medical. For ex. in acute care facilities they are called Med./Surg. Tele, ICU, ER, L&D, etc.