What type of bedside nursing unit does a pediatric hospital have?


If you think about a Acute Care Center, the bedside nursing units are for example Med/Surg, Tele, ER, Oncology, ICU, IMU, etc. What are the bedside nursing unit called in a facility for pediatric patient only, Ex. Texas Children's Hospital. I really need some help on this, also for a psychiatric facility.


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Our facility is broken down this way: Infants/Toddlers on one floor, School Age/Adolescent, Hematology/Oncology (child's age not a factor) with Orthopedics. We have a Progressive Care floor, there is also a Peds Rehab floor, and last but not least, Peds ICU & CVICU on another floor.


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I work @ Methodist Children's in San Antonio Tx on a 29 bed Pedi intermediate Care floor - mostly respiratory & chronic kiddos. We have a pedi surgical unit w/some monitored beds as well, PICU, a general Pedi floor & Hemo/Onc & BMT.


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I'm not sure this will help as its an Irish hospital, but we have infant wards (Under 12 months) - two general wards that accept both medical and surgical (infants are all nursed in single cubicles so infection not an issue) and one infant cardiac, we have a burns ward, renal ward, cardiac ward, PICU X 2, (cater for both infant and children),day ward, ortopaediacs, oncology, respiratory - so pretty much the same as a general hospital, one hospital I worked in was catholic founded and therefore all the units were called after saints e.g. St. Peter's, St. Annes etc..., the other after trees, oak ward, ash ward,

I hope this is of some help

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Visit the websites of some children's hospitals and explore a little. That will give you the information you need.

Some children's hospitals organize their units by age groups, mixing the patients with different diagnoses together. Other children's hospitals organize their units by medical specialties -- assuming that those patients will have similar needs and that the staff will develop expertise in meeting those needs if the patients are grouped together cared for by a consistent team of nurses and physicians.

My children's hospital organizes by medical diagnosis. So, the hem/onc patients are on one unit. There is another unit where all the renal patients -- as well as patients with metabolic disorders go. Another unit where the general surgery patients go. Another unit that specializes in respiratory/pulmonary issues, etc. We have a rehab and orthopedic unit. We also have a special unit for kids who are ventilator dependent, but who do not need intensive care.

Of course there is also a pediatric ICU and neonatal ICU ... and an intermediate care unit/step-down for each of those ICU's.


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Our hospital has the following different units... PICU, NICU, CICU, Respiratory, GI, Surgical, Rehab/medical, cardiac stepdown, Hem/Onc, BBMT.

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The Children's Hospital here has everything....

medical floor

surgical floor

hemoc/bone marrow



womens and children's unit

children's ER

cath lab


Can't remember what else


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What does BBMT mean in a children hospital as far as units go? Thanks.

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