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  1. Medical Spell Checker/Dictionary SoftwareI

    Have you used any that you would recommend? Bo:coollook:
  2. Medical Spell Checker/Dictionary SoftwareI

    I'm looking for a medical spell checker software that would integrate with Microsoft Word. Anyone have any success? Even better would be software that not only spell checks medical words but would offer option that would let you have it also define ...
  3. Advantages/Disadvantages being a male in nursing

    I took a CE class this summer in Aseptic Techniques. 7 women and me,the token male. In the lab we all had to demonstrate proper sterile technique to insert a foley in male and female rubber dummies. I must admit embarassement with both procedures e...
  4. ADN Programs near Austin

    Thanks for the quick response. No wonder there is such a shortage of nurses. Bo
  5. ADN Programs near Austin

    Would appreciate any info regarding ADN progams within say an hours drive of Austin. The ACC nursing program seems to be especially difficult to get into with all their pre-requisites etc. Thanks. Tired of waiting, Bo
  6. ACC Nursing Drop Out Rate

    Thanks--Just started Anatomy Wed. Out of a class of 24 I'd say there are perhaps 5 or 6 30 or older. Glad to hear Level II isn't that hard. Bo, stubborn, determined, and committed (hopefully not to the Psyc Ward )
  7. Austin Community College (ACC) Hospitals

    Thanks--looks like I'll be driving all around the Metro area with 8 campuses and all these hospitals as a possibility. Time to get a car that gets good mileage. Happy New Year
  8. Austin Community College (ACC) Hospitals

    I'm aware that ACC nursing students rotate at Dell's Children Hospital and at St David's Regional Medical Center in Round Rock. Where else might be be assigned? Thanks and Happy New Year, Bo Shoi Ming
  9. ER Volunteer @ Round Rock Hospital

    I'll know what they want me to do on Monday afternoon. Training in the morning. One of the women from the volunteers took me through. She said things like sanitizing a bed and room after a patient leaves, changing sheets and blankets, making ho...
  10. ER Volunteer @ Round Rock Hospital

    Schedule got changed so I'll work inside the ER Monday and Wed afternoons. 4 hrs training Monday morning and then 4 hrs in the ER in the afternoon. I'll take my anatomy book along in case things get slow. Met a woman today who is in level I at ACC ...
  11. ER Volunteer @ Round Rock Hospital

    Right Round Rock Medical Center. Thanks for the encouraging words. I have orientation Tue and then start ASAP working mornings inside the ER. Not sure what that entails but it sounded a lot better than the gift shop. My family physician said RRMC ...
  12. ER Volunteer @ Round Rock Hospital

    The anatomy class I wanted at ACC was full so to keep me in "medicine" I volunteered at a local hospital. I had the "choices" of driving the hospital van around to pick up handicapped folks, the front desk, the candy shop, the ICU or ER (Inside or ...
  13. Acc nursing clinicals

    Thanks--knowing the way Murphy works the hospital will probably be the longest distance from home with the worst traffic. Bo
  14. Acc nursing clinicals

    What hospitals in Austin do ACC students use for their clinical rotations? I'm going to volunteer at a hospital during the fall semester and it might as well be one that I might be serving as a nursing student. The new hospital in Cedar Park ha...
  15. Austin Community College (ACC)

    Go to any ACC campus & start with an advisor. The wait to see an advisor is not too bad right now. Bo