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  1. Destinyx13

    Change to License Requirements???

    I heard the same thing form a few girls who are finishing up school this year! They said that a few people in their class were affected as well. CrazY!
  2. Destinyx13

    magnet status

    ChunLiomyRn2b, I know exactly what hospital you are talking about, as I have a relative in HR for the whole organization and i work at that hospital too! :-) I wouldn't give up hope at all!! They are on an ASN hiring freeze in order to gain their magnet status because the hospital HAS to have a certain % of BSN nurses in order to gain that status. THe status will make them available for more grants for research and for continuing education (which could work in your advantage if you're planning on continuing your education). However once they gain their status (hopefully soon and I'm sure before you graduate) They will be able to hire more ASN nurses. I wouldn't give up hope!
  3. Destinyx13

    Loan Forgiveness at LRMC?

    I was just wondering if anyone know if Lakeland Regional Medical Center Participates in the Loan Forgiveness Program?
  4. Destinyx13

    Polk Community College

    Boog'sGirl724 pretty much summed it up! I'm gradating form the Transition program this August and its the only night option there is. You do end up going to class 2x a week for the first week of each semester, but then it is only 1 day/week for class and 1 day for clinicals. Best of luck picking a program! I learned a lot and feel very confident taking my boards after PCC's program! It's tough,but well worth it!
  5. Destinyx13

    LPN Programs in Central Florida

    I don't think there is a 6 month LPN program because the state requires LPN programs to be 1350 hours. If you do the math that comes out to about 52 hours a week. There is TECO in Kissimmee, that's where I went. The fulltime program is 11 months. Its Monday-Friday 7am-3pm. There is also a part-time program that at TECO that is 18 months. I'm not sure of the schedule though! Hope that helps!!
  6. THat's true. I already had all my prerequisites finished before I moved to Florida so I forgot about that!
  7. I went to TECO for my LPN, however I am attending Polk Community College for my RN. I finish in August and the Nursing portion of the program will have cost about $7,000 including uniforms, books, etc... !
  8. TECO is a great school! I went there for my LPN and am finishing up my last semester in a bridge program at Polk Community College. TECO's program is rigorous and requires a lot of dedication but it really prepares you for your NCLEX. Everyone in our class passed on the first try. There is also Orlando Tech, however I don't know much about that school. Good Luck!
  9. Destinyx13

    Anyone know someonet thats been to TECO?

    Best of Luck with which ever option works out!!
  10. Destinyx13

    Anyone know someonet thats been to TECO?

    I agree! I drove from Lakeland, almost 40 miles to go!! It was tough at the beginning, but I got used to it! Plus they have a VERY VERY high pass rate on the NLCEX (all our class passed first try!) ! I didn't have a problem with the area either!
  11. Destinyx13

    Anyone know someonet thats been to TECO?

    Here is the contact information for TECO! That's where I did my LPN and highly recommend it! You can call, but I definately suggest you drop by too because then you can meet the Instructors and they are the one's that do your entrance interview so it's good to get to know them a little first! Email: Tecoinfo@osceola.k12.fl.us Phone: (407) 344-5080 Fax: (407) 344-5089
  12. Destinyx13

    info about Polk Community College RN program, Winter Haven Florida

    I know how you feel! It was the longest wait of my life, but well worth it!! Its really rigorous, but very well worth it and you'll be very prepared for your Boards! Just stay organized and you'll be fine!! Good Luck! If you ever need any help or anything let me know!
  13. Destinyx13

    info about Polk Community College RN program, Winter Haven Florida

    I have to agree Boog'sGirl. And most RN programs require you to have an 80% average, no just PCC. PCC has a VERY VERY high pass rate on the NCLEX and I'm sure much of that is because they hold you to such a high standard. I'm currently in the Transition program and I feel completely prepared to take my boards. I checked out a bunch of different schools before picking PCC and I chose them because of their pass rate and talking to other satisfied students. Plus I haven't had a problem staying well above and 80% average at all throughout the program. It just takes a little extra time and studying, but the instructors definitely give you the information you need, its just up to the student to study it. . . ! I'm sorry you feel that way about PCC and had a bad experience, but I think the majority of students have much better experiences.
  14. Destinyx13

    PCT Salaries in Orlando

    No problem!! Glad I was able to help!! If you have any other questions or need anything else just let me know!
  15. Destinyx13

    PCT Salaries in Orlando

    No problem!! At our hospital a tech just needs a CNA certification OR 1 semester of clinicals! Good Luck!!
  16. Destinyx13

    PCT Salaries in Orlando

    I didn't need to take a class to become and Tech, just had to finish my first rotation of clinicals, so make sure you check into that before you pay for a class that you might not have even needed to take! I personally think that the LPN to RN way is the best to go. When I moved to Florida I had all my prerequisites finished and then was on a waiting list for almost a year before I decided to the do the LPN program and then the RN transition is only one year (August to August) and there was no waiting list at all. SO overall it took me the same amount of time, but I am able to work full-time as a LPN while in RN transition!