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  1. username2008

    HELP! Which would you choose???

    1. City of Los Angeles Jail 2. LAC+USC Clinic (via Maxim Healthcare Services) 3. Kaiser Los Angeles (Sunset) Clinic In terms of overall work environment, workload, stress level, co-worker (physicians/nurses/staff) relationships, etc., which facility would be best to work at? Which would you work at if you could choose, and why?
  2. NO unsolicited advice, please, especially if you're not even an RN to begin with. i'm looking for a quick solution, not a lecture, not a putdown, not what i should have done, not what i should not do, etc. a hospital is also a business, and in business situations, anything goes, and if there's a will, there's a way. if nurses can swap work schedules, they certainly should be able to swap jobs. i know there's plenty of new nurses who would die for a rare day shift. i'm serious and willing to trade, and by the way, if you're not from this area, please don't respond. thank you.
  3. this is important to me and i'm obviously getting pretty desperate. i'm a new grad licensed RN scheduled to start a day shift in the Definitive Observation Unit (DOU) at Good Samaritan Hospital on july 14. i'm willing to swap for a position in the ER, preferably in a hospital that offers the Versant RN Residency Program for new grads, such as White Memorial (i had regrettably resigned my ER position there last week), Hollywood Presbyterian, and Torrance Memorial. if any of you would like to swap, or know anyone who might want to swap with me, let me know ASAP so we can get this going.
  4. username2008

    Which unit is more relaxed?

    ...look it up. kick back: Informal To take it easy; relax: kicked back at home and watched TV.
  5. username2008

    Which unit is more relaxed?

    what's a more kick back unit, ER, Telemetry (DOU, Stepdown ICU, etc.), or ICU/CCU? Please don't stay that none of them are kick back. There has to be one more kick back than the other. Please rate these 3 units in order of most kick back to least kick back, on a scale of 1-3, 1 being most kick back. ER Telemetry (DOU, Stepdown ICU, etc.) ICU/CCU
  6. username2008

    Waive benefits for an increase in base pay?

    sorry, let me clarify. i do realize that medical insurance is a necessity and i currently purchase my own insurance with Blue Cross for $800/year. it is not comprehensive and only includes hospitalization (in-patient only, i believe. i've never had to use it and that's why i'm not even sure what my exact coverage is). if i waive my benefits at work, of course i'll plan to buy my own coverage outside the hospital's. i dont know how much the rest of you spend on insurance or what type, but isn't thousands of dollars a year a little excessive? and because i'm single, i dont have to worry about coverage for a spouse and kids. my idea was to just waive them, take the extra money now, quit after 2 years, then work for a place like Kaiser where i get the best coverage for myself and my family (i am single now but may be married in 5 years, who knows?). good or bad idea?
  7. how many of you would rather waive your PTO, Temporary Disability Pay, and health and welfare benefits (medical, dental, vision, and life) for an approximate $5 (maybe $6) increase in your base pay? i have the option of doing so. i am single, have 20/15 vision, don't really need dental nor vision benefits, and don't really care for life insurance. i also don't plan on staying at this hospital for more than 2, maybe 3 years tops. would you waive these benefits if you were me? thank you for your time, feedback, and response.