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HELP! Which would you choose???


1. City of Los Angeles Jail

2. LAC+USC Clinic (via Maxim Healthcare Services)

3. Kaiser Los Angeles (Sunset) Clinic

In terms of overall work environment, workload, stress level, co-worker (physicians/nurses/staff) relationships, etc., which facility would be best to work at? Which would you work at if you could choose, and why?

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care. Has 12 years experience.

Tough choice. Depends on what you want.

UCLA is going to be awesome experience for your resume. There's a nurse I work with who worked there and she knows and saw so much. Since it's through Maxim though, you got to consider the benefits that Maxim has. UCLA is also a government job, so given budget cuts, you might not get as many hours as hoped, or you might get a ton, who knows.

Kaiser Clinic would probably be your easy "cake" job, better hours, etc. But they also just layed off a lot of nurses.

LA Jail? Great benefits for sure, but considering the economy and budget cuts, who knows how that could change soon.

I'm a security junky...I'd probably go with kaiser and do the UCLA thing per diem.