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  1. lila29629

    UPDATE: RN BSN to PMHNP at age 55?

    oops- sorry - this should have been posted under Student NP heading - i just moved it there.
  2. I posted this a few minutes ago under the wrong heading, so I'm putting it here where it the OP originated. Thought this topic is a good one to update as many older BSN's are looking into NP school and worrying about age being a factor - hopefully this update helps that specific audience! The UPDATE is: I have been accepted to a Family PMHNP program, to start Fall 2016! I just wanted to thank you all for your encouragement to follow my dreams - this is a great start! Anyone who has any additional or personal experience with age being a factor in getting a job as a PMHNP after graduation and certification - please feel free to comment. It is the one thing I am still nervous about - hopefully there will still be plenty of PMHNP jobs out there and age will not be a huge issue. (?) Comments on that subject are very welcome - and again thanks to all of you for encouraging me to go for it!
  3. Got accepted to a Family PMHNP MSN program! Thanks for all your encouragement everyone! Looking forward to working as a PMHNP in just a few short years! I am hoping I won't have trouble finding work because of my age upon graduation - I've been told it should be no problem by several here on this board. I have no intentions of "retiring" in the next 15 years or if ever, really, as long as my health holds up. Any comments regarding finding work after graduation and certification are certainly appreciated :)
  4. lila29629

    WGU BSN then FNP

    I can't say exactly where, but I have read many posts where WGU's MSN graduates (same deal - they all graduate with a 3.0) have been accepted into post-master's NP certification programs. WGU is a very rigorous school and provides an excellent education, whether BSN or MSN - they are very well-respected so I would think you would not have a lot of trouble getting in somewhere :) Keep us posted on your progress!
  5. Anyone familiar with SFMCCON (Peoria, IL) online PMHNP MSN program? They are a small, private (not for profit) school and ACEN accredited. Anyone else attending, or does anyone know about the quality of the program? Thanks and much appreciated!