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  1. LauraRN14


    Anyone have any recommendations for RN-BSN programs in NC? I have applied to WSSU but was wondering if anyone has had any good information on other schools.
  2. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    Well here goes nothing I start Monday I hope to see you it will be good to kinda have a new grad buddy!!
  3. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    I hope so! Im getting really anxious since I havent got a start date yet........Awesome. I m sure we will are you days or nights?
  4. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    I don't know the exact date yet, they said the last week of Nov. I have done all my HR stuff just waiting on nurse manager to call How about you?..... Congratulations to you too :)
  5. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    Lexington is where I am going!!!!! Where will you be? I will be in the ED
  6. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    It is horrible!!! I had one at Piedmont Medical and Did the new grad day at Novant in Winston Salem. I also interviewed with Wake Forrest and was just given a job offer today!!!! I also have new grad friend who was offered a job a Wake Forrest. Its a drive but one I am willing to make. How about you?
  7. LauraRN14

    Novant New Grad Interview Day

    How did it go for you guys
  8. LauraRN14

    Interview Day

    I am going to a New Grad Interview day at a hospital this week. Has anyone been to something like this? If so can you give me some insight on what to expect, what I should bring ect. Thank You
  9. LauraRN14

    how should i list my job

    The job I have now I worked at as an LPN from December until I got my RN in June. I now have moved into a RN position. How do I list this on my resume/ job applications. . Do I list them separately. I have it listed as one on my resume just dated separately but on job applications there is not a way to do this some just ask for ending job title. I don't want it to seem as though I have been a RN there since December
  10. LauraRN14

    No one will give me a chance

    Keeler I truly feel your pain. I so want to show them what a great nurse I will be, how I am a fast learner, dedicated and loyal. But for some reason when they ask those questions and they are staring at me I become a bumbling idiot. I don't know how to over come it, I have practiced with my friends. Researched questions and answers. But it never fails. I am just at a loss.
  11. LauraRN14

    Novant New Grad Interview Day

    Well I'm signed up :) I had an interview with another hospital and if I am not offered a job there then off to Winston Salem I go.
  12. LauraRN14

    Piedmont Medical Center

    Interview over!! Hopefully it went OK. I just get so nervous. After speaking with the NM it does sound like a place I would love to make a career at.
  13. LauraRN14

    The New Grad Job Search

    Unfortunately Charlotte market is heavily saturated.
  14. LauraRN14

    Jobs that pay off student debt?

    Ohio Center for Nursing - Tuition Assistance
  15. LauraRN14

    Online schools--need some guidance and opinions

    What about Indiana State
  16. LauraRN14


    I am currently in school to get my RN and looking at options for furthering my education. I would like to try and look at schools that offer the RN-BSN/MSN option. I want to be awarded my BSN while working toward my MSN does anyone know of any online schools that do this?