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  1. The only thing I have noticed is that it is very annoying and quite rude in my opinion if you are only person who does not speak their language sitting at the table and they have a conversation you can not understand.
  2. I am wondering if you nurses find it easy to find work when you want to change? I want to get a contingent position to feel like I have something to fall back on if I get canned, see my write up posts. So I applied to 2 homecare and two hospitals o...
  3. nurses with anxiety and depression

    See I feel that if you have a good boss they would want to know how their employee is doing? Especially if you feel it is affecting your work. But I have heard you should never tell your boss about your personal issues. I am a very personable per...
  4. Have had 4 days off now anxious

    I was speaking to my sister about why I constantly feel anxious to go to work and feel like I am about to be fired. I think she made a good point. It is a conditioned response. Everytime I have been written up, I had NO warning had been off for a ...
  5. LOL Story of my life. I have had 4 days off now I am worried what I will have done wrong when I get there. It seems every time I have time off I come back to have done something wrong. Anxiously waiting to get through tomorrow.
  6. Would they appreciate it or make you look weak? I am talking anxiety that is affecting you at home
  7. nurses with anxiety and depression

    I have been told for 15 year that I had depression and anxiety. I never believed it. After my daughter was born 4 yrs ago, it got really really bad. To a point where I could not be a good mom with it. Up until then I could handle it, although ro...
  8. nurses with anxiety and depression

    I am a nurse and I do have both issues. My depression is controlled, but I have to say that my anxiety has gotten worse as a nurse. It is about treatment, and if your superiors are willing to work with you, unbiased, you will do just fine. I do no...
  9. Are all newer nurses scape goats?

    excellent point!!! I am writing up a statement today to add. I just hope they are NOT trying to get rid of me.
  10. Your experience with being written up

    Well I have 3 write ups. I did question about them to the DON, she said the reason we HAVE to write you up for the skin is because if the state comes in we have to have a trail of what happened and what we did. As far as the coumadin, my mgr said it...
  11. xanax use

    I do not do drugs, I however just started taking xanax prn, which is like 3-5 pills a week. I am having some serious anxiety. I want to get a contingent job but wondering if that will show up in a drug test and I will fail.
  12. Wages

    yes i make great money. I work in LTC
  13. Your experience with being written up

    wow that really sucks for me. I was told that the coumadin one was because they had to have it in writing in case the state looks at it. So what should I do? I have already told them that I like my job, and am willing to do what it takes to be a g...
  14. I am wondering what your experience has been with write ups. How many do you get before being fired? Here is my story. I feel like I have no job security. and this is making me crazy. I have been employed at this place for 6 months, with NO verbal w...
  15. Unions

    Are any nurses in unions? Does it do any good? Are they treated any better? Just curious.