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  1. i've liked hello kitty since elementary school, when my japanese-american friend introduced me to her. i like to say that i liked her before she was "cool" and sold herself out! i have a hello kitty scrub jacket my mom got me (she thinks i'm still 10). i wear it sometimes & my older patients seem to get a kick out of it ("oh, my granddaughter loves her!"). it's the only "cutesy" scrub item i have, and it doesn't make me feel unprofessional. hopefully my patients still take me seriously! ...but i wouldn't be caught dead in chambray scrubs or capris. blech.
  2. freefalr

    For all of those on Medicaid

    my sister was admitted a few months ago with cellulitis. she was the only one in a semi-private room, at the end of the hall (ahh, quieter). they'd even let her significant other stay the night in a bedside chair. she complained to me, "they stuck me on this losers' wing and are ignoring me because i don't have insurance" (she'd recently lost her job & her insurance). i was incensed and set her straight right there. it started with, "are you safe and clean? are you in pain? have you gotten your medications? are your basic needs met?" and ended with, "believe me, your nurses/caregivers have no idea what insurance you have and don't give a darn. it has absolutely no bearing on how they care for you or anyone else." i hope she was sick & not thinking straight. (she does not wear an entitlement crown, but if she did...)
  3. freefalr

    Apical Pulse Rate

    i listen to apical rate w/my stethoscope w/my right hand & palpate radial pulse simultaneously w/my left pointer & third finger (or the other way around, if necessary, which always feels weird!). learned to do this because of afib, ectopy, etc.
  4. freefalr

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    oo! this reminded me of a patient who described having "rota-cup" surgery on his shoulder. thought it was cute and it just stuck in my head for some reason. (dolcevita: i'm chicken! don't want to embarrass him and target myself. am worried he already gets my not-a-fan vibe. will you tell him for me? heehee )
  5. freefalr

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    our new administrator (of whom i am not a fan), recently put out a memo about customer service, etc. it read something like, "blahblah and blahblah are the basic tenants of our practice." must admit, would love to draw that to his attention, but i don't dare. or do i?
  6. freefalr

    Is putting 'BSN' on badge snobbish?

    i got a BA in biology at 23, then my BSN at 30 in an accelerated second degree program, while also working full-time doing patient care. nursing school was absolutely dreadful, a nightmare. i still consider making it through at all an accomplishment. when i worked in the hospital, many of the nurses had BSN RN on their badges. some of my mentors had this distinction on their badges, and some of my mentors were kick-a$s ADN's and LPN's! it's a university-affiliated hospital with a nursing school, so i'm wondering if this is why the BSN part was prevalent on badges. the nurses i work with now have made me uncomfortable about having that distinction on my ID, so i don't. it's somewhere along the lines of "she thinks she's so smart," when in reality, i truly don't. there are many holes in my education, starting from elementary school! i am not a super-brain by any means. i don't like to draw attention to myself. it's not like i'm wielding my intellect (ha) around and attempting to make others feel less than. i just leave the BSN off. i am proud to have earned it, but placing it on my badge apparently might make my co-workers feel like i think i'm "better" than they are (when really i'm just kind of showing a battle scar, in my mind). i think a lot of it is about the attitude. someone can be a total snooty pants, regardless of what the badge reads. when i see someone with a baffling number of credentials behind his/her name, i think, wow that person has been fortunate to have gone to school quite a bit! i feel envious that she/he has been able to do so, since i love learning as much as the next nurse. i also think, sheesh, what schools loans there must be! :) (oh, and i don't think going to school equals learning, but you get what i'm saying.)
  7. the needles are out of whack, either left or right of the little neutral circle at "zero." am wondering whether there's a way to get it back to zero/neutral. i can't find much online about how to do it. thank you. :)
  8. freefalr

    Alzheimer resident made me laugh !!!

    i had an absolutely horrible day, and this made me laugh! thank you for sharing, nurselovejoy. i love caring for elderly patients, too...demented and not-so. :) (while reading your patient's reply, i heard a big "duuuhh!" at the end of it. had he been 60 years younger, it may have been there!)
  9. freefalr

    A&O - orientated or oriented?

    "...so when i orientate a new member of staff i am not butchering the english language at all, because where i live (in britain) that is the correct term to use, however if i oriented them here i may indeed be accused of butchering the english language." sharrie, i could listen to british-accented folks say anything, all day. & it's my favorite accent to try to imitate on stage...last did it for "noises off!" no matter what is said, if it's said in a british accent, to me it always sounds very, very correct!!
  10. freefalr

    A&O - orientated or oriented?

    i also cringe when i hear "orientated"...maybe eventually it will evolve to be the standard, but for me it just sounds awkward. like "we conversated" for "we conversed"...cringe-worthy.
  11. freefalr

    Life's Strange Detours....Where's My Map?!

    bsm, i am so very sorry for the loss of your precious little angel. i think you will make a wonderful cna and/or nurse, whatever you choose. thank you for deciding to make part of your life's journey joining our ranks! i will be happy to call you my fellow caregiver. prayers of healing peace to you, your husband, and the rest of your family. :heartbeat
  12. freefalr

    Holy Crap, Dad's having an MI!!!

    i do this w/my SO's 10 year old. we make up pretend scenarios about many things: "okay, what would you do if this suddenly happened...and why?" i think she's onto it (my paranoia/teaching), but she plays along & asks me, too. & it's a small thing, but lately she's the first one to reach for the hand sanitizer when we get back in the car from being in the store. this does my nurse's heart good. safety, caution...i can't help it. :)
  13. freefalr

    Sexually abusive doctor

    oh dear Lord. that's all i can say. if the accusations are true, i wonder if this means that he chose his profession in order to have access to his victims. i sincerely hope i never have the misfortune of being this man's nurse. i'm not sure how well i could hide my true feelings under my professional veneer.
  14. freefalr

    So sick of this attitude....

  15. freefalr

    Just a Reminder...

    jnrsmommy, i am sorry for the loss of your dear friend and coworker. thank you for posting & reminding us...& you please do the same for yourself :redpinkhe
  16. i just read on reddit about a guy knowing someone was cheating off him during a "bubble sheet" test. he filled in all the wrong answers (and thus so did she). she turned in her test, and he went back and corrected his answers. she failed & he didn't. passive-aggressive, i know... i didn't read through all the replies on this thread (so maybe someone has already said something like this), but how about something nonconfrontational (since you are worried about friction)...like saying sort of lightly, incredulously, "what, again?!! really?! are you serious? nah, you can't be serious!!" and then just turning away. it's kind of patronizing, and passive-aggressive...& probably ineffectual. (as for me, i would just say sorry, but no. i would be too peeved not to say no, after working so hard myself. i can't stand it when people try to weasel out of things! and i can't help but think, what kind of nurses will they become?) let us know how it goes! the week is young. p.s. i turn 40 next year...& "no" has now joined my vocabulary. it was pretty much absent in my 20's. p.p.s. if ya can't say no, how about h-e-double-hockey-sticks no?