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  1. Love214

    CSN per 1500 students in PA

    If there are over 1500 students in a school, do 2 CSN's have to be present at all times (Currently there is 1 CSN, 1 RN and 2 assistants)? If not, does the other CSN have to rotate into that school a certain amount of days or can she periodically check in?
  2. Love214

    Is this for me??

    Thank you all for your replies. When I went back this year I did realize that I love working with the kids and the hours are great for me and my family. I suppose I just get a little insecure sometimes knowing that this is my first job right out of school. I have made a decision to become more involved with a mentoring program for the kids which will keep me busy! I appreciate you kind words and advice.. thanks again!
  3. Love214

    Goody bag for teachers?

    We have little boxes of tissues that we give and also hand sanitizer.
  4. Love214

    Is this for me??

    I worked as the staff school nurse at an elementary school last year and going back this year. The job is great, I love the kids, the the hours are great too. But I cannot help but wonder if this is for me. I graduated from school and worked into a LTC facility for a few months when this position fell into my lap. I currently am going back to school for my MSN and possibly my school nurse certification. I just always wonder if this is it. I feel as though I will never know what its like to work in a hospital etc. I am suffering from is the grass greener.... I am in need of encouraging words from school nurse's who have been in my position. Thanks :)
  5. Love214

    Requirements in order to be a school nurse

    Thanks bergren!! Everything that you have said is what I am finding out! So I think I am going to take a Bridge program RN to MSN and get a Master's in Nursing Education then go back for School Nurse Certification. I emailed the State Board of Nursing for PA with all of these questions and I was shocked when they said I would need to contact the PA Department of Education. So we shall see ;-) Thank you for your reply!
  6. Love214

    Requirements in order to be a school nurse

    Do you know if you can transfer your School Nurse Certification among states?? My situation is that I am an RN with a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts.. so I was going to get my cert. in NJ since PA requires a BSN.
  7. Love214

    School Nurse Certification

    Currently I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree NOT in nursing. I see that Rutgers University in NJ has a School Nurse certification program for people in my position. Does anyone know of any schools in PA where you can take the School Nurse Certification while having a Bachelor's in a different field?? Any information is appreciated! :wink2: Thanks
  8. Love214

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Did anyone come across a list of diets for all the different diseases? I'am having trouble keeping them all straight ;-)
  9. Love214

    failed nclex

    Nori28, hang in there. Take a break from studying. I took mine June 18th and failed. So I went to the beach and rejuvenated myself. In between there were many tears and self-destructive talk, But in the end I was ready to get back on the horse. I have given myself plenty of time until I test again. The hardest thing is keeping positive!!! Its what is in your heart that matters.... when you want it and you'll be good at it, it will happen
  10. Love214

    failed nclex

    Best of luck to you, you have the right attitude!!! Let us know if you passed
  11. Love214

    failed nclex

    I too failed on my first time... and it is so true that we will appreciate it more when we do pass... thank you for the words of wisdom :-)
  12. Love214

    Passed with 265 on 2nd attempt

    Congrats! Thats great. I will be taking NCLEX 2nd time in September and trying to stay positive!!! Thanks for sharing:)
  13. Love214

    Passed in 75 after two attempts - Keys to Success!

    Vey Encouraging. Thank you:)
  14. Love214

    Any 2nd or 3rd time test takers?

    I will be taking the NCLEX for the second time in September. I took some time off... and going to get back on the boat to study. Good luck to all those who have not yet beat the NCLEX. We may have failed but we are still fabulous!!!! There should be a seperate group on here for people who have to take it again.
  15. Love214

    Scheduling Nclex After Failing First Attempt

    I know it varies from each person, but how long about does the first tip take when doing Suzanne's plan. Are we talking a week or a month?
  16. Love214

    September 2008 support group!

    I was thinking of doing Suzanne's Plan. I test Sept. 23rd. How long did it take you toget through the chapters?

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