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Is this for me??

I worked as the staff school nurse at an elementary school last year and going back this year. The job is great, I love the kids, the the hours are great too. But I cannot help but wonder if this is for me. I graduated from school and worked into a LTC facility for a few months when this position fell into my lap. I currently am going back to school for my MSN and possibly my school nurse certification. I just always wonder if this is it. I feel as though I will never know what its like to work in a hospital etc. I am suffering from is the grass greener.... I am in need of encouraging words from school nurse's who have been in my position. Thanks :)

Only 3 percent of school nurses did not work in a hosptial prior to going into school nursing, so there may not be many on this forum that can weigh in on your situation. But having gone to grad school, I recommend finishing your degree prior to going back to the hospital. Just in terms of your fatigue level, you will be better off with the hours in the school nurse position and having a few more minutes to sit down than in a staff nurse position.

Good Luck!!!

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I've never worked in a hospital, I'm currently an elementary school nurse. I've worked in Dr. offices, home health, and medical equipment companies, but not a hospital or LTC setting. Personally, I am perfectly happy with my position. I know I can make a lot more money working somewhere else, but this works best for me and my family (I have a 20 month old daughter and my husband also works full time as an electrician). Like bergren said, I would stay with the school setting as long as you are seeking another degree. Much less stress and more flexible schedule will make it easier to obtain your MSN. If, after that, you aren't happy in what you are doing, what about picking up some weekend or summer shifts at the hospital and see if you are happier there??

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I have been in exactly your shoes, my advice is to keep at it for a couple years. My first few full years I sufferred terribly from the wanderlust and grass is greener mentality. This summer, something just flipped and suddenly I know with certainty that this is what I want to do forever. I had been accepted to NP school and I deferred that for a year because I just could not pull the trigger on it. Now I know why. I do not want to be an NP, I want to be a school nurse! I am planning on going for my Master's, possibly in Nursing Education, but for now I am very content where I am. I am doing more than I ever have before at my school and really getting involved in various committees, hosting a health fair, etc.

Hang in there, you might just find that this IS it for you! If you are still unsure, you could always try a PRN position to see if that grass really is greener.

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Personally I have worked in a hospital setting for two years now. First on an inpatient oncology floor and currently as an Emergency Department RN. I was just offered a school nursing position this past week. I guess I am one of the lucky ones since I will be working through an Agency and Agency RNs make more money than RNs directly hired into the school district. My experience with hospital nursing is one of tremendous stress, on your feet 12hrs/day, no time to eat or go to the bathroom. In addition in my case, the lack of adequate staffing made for unbearable conditions and at times put patients at risk safety wise. I am very much looking forward to beginning this new chapter in my career. You can't beat the hours or the time off with all the holidays and summers off. It is nice for me because for the last 8 months I have been working weekend program 12 hour shifts Sat/Sun with only one weekend off per quarter. I also pick up a 12 during the week. It has been exhausting and I spent the entire summer unable to attend many family functions d/t being on the weekend program.

As far as the grass is greener theory, I went from the oncology floor to the ED thinking it would be better....it wasn't. Management is always an issue but I think that school nursing may be different. Since I will be the only RN in my school, I don't have to worry about being understaffed and it appears that the district RN Supervisors are available and more than willing to assist new RNs in this career. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you all for your replies. When I went back this year I did realize that I love working with the kids and the hours are great for me and my family. I suppose I just get a little insecure sometimes knowing that this is my first job right out of school. I have made a decision to become more involved with a mentoring program for the kids which will keep me busy! I appreciate you kind words and advice.. thanks again!


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