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  1. macrolide

    leave of absence for your wedding

    thank you... nope i haven't brought this up yet with my manager. i guess 1 week wont be enough time for our wedding especially when its out of the country. i guess ill try to request from our manager. thanks.:spin:
  2. macrolide

    leave of absence for your wedding

    Hi please help me... i just started work as an RN permanent job in USA. im a foreign trained nurse planning to go back to my country and get married in about 6 months from now. Do you think i would be granted for a leave of absence for my wedding? is it too soon from the start of my employment to apply for a leave? if it is too soon, when can i probably be granted for a leave? and how long would i probably apply for a leave? would 4 weeks be too long? thanks i appreciate your help..:spin: