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  1. ngrshm

    Herzing's Cost?!/ Long Vent...

    I know there are a lot of posts w/ great information on here about Herzing, and I truly think I have sat down and read every one. But my question now is: Is there an actual Herzing attendant that was able to go to Herzing using financial aid only? Meaning, were you able to apply to Herzing, apply for financial aid and the total cost was covered by financial aid without you having to take out any loans? I'm asking because I'm trying to get into a program, I have all but one pre req (Micro) which I will start taking on 07/08/10 and will be finished 09/08/10. But by then I will have already missed most deadlines "again" for nursing programs. One in particular Gordon. I also don't want to have to pay out $28,000 for Herzing because I'm still paying back $13,000 for Excelsior which I no longer attend-(long story) anyways, I have been trying this nursing thing for a long time and if I knew then what I know now I would have just done a four year program. I've been an LPN for 11 years but I went back to school to finish 3 years ago and I'm still at it. Only if I had applied to a 4 year program!!!! Oh well, I can't focus on that now.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
  2. ngrshm

    Gordon college of nursing Fall2010

    Are you all referring to the LPN-RN program? I was wondering the same thing as I have only one class to complete and the class starts 7/08/10 and will be completed 9/08/10 which is one week past the registration deadline so I was kind of sad about that. Is there a possibility that they may still accept my application?
  3. ngrshm

    TPN Blood Draw

    I'm wondering if anyone can answer this for me. I will be working with a new patient that has TPN running (home health,) and I will have to do blood draws a few times a week. I know that I have to hold the TPN, flush before and after blood draws, and discard between 5-8mls of blood before I actually submit the final blood work. But I will be using the new; well not so new "lab in a box." I guess I'm just a bit confused as to how the process would be, I know it's pretty much the same but I think I'm a bit nervous. This will be the first time I've drawn blood from a 4 month old that's a preemie no less. If anyone can respond in "laymens" terms the process using a "lab in a box" and don't mind sharing please feel free. Thanks..
  4. ngrshm

    I need to vent!!!

    I've waited 6 months to get into an A & P 1 class (2 quarters) and now that I'm finally in, there have been 3 tragedies in my family all within 2 to 3 days of each other. No deaths, thank God but the situations are pretty close. I haven't been able to place my focus completely on my studies. Although I do still study, I've taken my 2nd exam and I failed the first one and the lab. I think I did well on the 2nd exam but not on the lab. Let me just lay down a little about the class. I attend classes on Monday and Wednesday from 6p-9:30p. The instructor is all over the place w/ lecture and when I say that I mean he teaches from power points. The information is soooo broad and soooo much but he doesn't specify what we should focus on for the exam. Now don't get me wrong I don't want any special favors but we haven't had a "REAL" lab yet.... The material is all broken the bones are all scattered, the microscopes are half working so the instructor gives us handouts as labs about 45 mins before class is over and goes through it but still again, doesn't let us know what to focus on. The instructor gave us a list of the 206 bones and said "you all need to know this." This was on a Wednesday and our exam was scheduled for the next Monday. Now don't get me wrong I along with everyone else was thinking how are we going to know how to identify 206 bones plus the material of three chapters in 4 1/2 days. Not even doctors learned them in that length of time. We were all thinking that if he had been a little more specific & said I would like you all to know the bones of the skull, the femur, the humerus, and the pelvis then it would have been better but that didn't happen. Now my method of study may not be all that great and if there is something else I can do to make things better someone please let me know what worked for them. What I do is: I take notes from the powerpoint and put it on the outline handout during lecture, then I transcribe everything to index cards to keep with me at all times, then I read each chapter as many times as I can before the exam. Our exams cover 3 chapters at a time every other week. Tuesday is the last day to withdraw from the class, so I asked the instructor if our grades would be ready on Monday, that will determine if I need to withdraw from the class without damaging my GPA. I don't want to have to withdraw but we only have 2 more exams plus the final and that's it. I don't know if I can come back from the bumming the first exam and 2 labs.... Sorry so long just had to get it off of my chest...
  5. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    I'm sorry matchstick, I can't answer that I was only interested in the mobility program LPN to RN because I'm currently an LPN now. But to be honest they wouldn't give me any info over the phone. I still don't know how much the mobility program is.
  6. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Thanks for the info, could you email me personally I have some other questions I would like to ask?
  7. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Wow that sounds wonderful, it seems that I could jump right in and get started & still have less classes due to the fact that I have all pre reqs that are required at any other school. But the one thing that is putting a hold on me would be the price tag..
  8. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Thank you so much for this information it is greatly appreciated..
  9. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Yes I'm currently a LPN and I want to do the mobility LPN to RN program. I know they are expensive though..
  10. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Is there any financial aid accepted or is it considered a private school?
  11. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    I understand that but I'm already an LPN I wanted to do the mobility LPN to RN program. I didn't want to have to wait until 2011 to enter into a nursing program. It will be 2012 before I graduate. That's the only thing I was trying to avoid.
  12. ngrshm

    Herzing College??

    Wow! I just called Herzing and I was told that info is not given over the phone. I would have to go to Alabama for a nursing meeting. But I was told that there are no pre reqs required. They are all included in the program and it's a 12 month program. All I wanted to know was info on the cost, when are apps. accepted, when do classes begin... you know typical questions. If anyone knows any information please let me know. Although I live in Atlanta I may consider commuting it's only 2 hrs from my house. I just don't want to have to wait another year before I get into any other program.
  13. I must say I'm in the same boat that you're in Roozeyk. I'm frustrated as well. I'm in Atlanta and I have been trying to get finished w/ my pre reqs for 2 years. It's sooooo frustrating. I found out that for the nursing program I'm entering I could have been taking all of my classes from a technical school instead of a semester college a long time ago, and I would have been finished. So I applied to the school and I'm waiting on a response. Meanwhile they opened registration for the science classes; and guess what??? There are no more seats available for any A&P1 or 2 classes. I'm sooo hurt I could cry. With me I'm on a time constraint so that I would be finished w/ all science classes by next Jan. so that everything would be completed for my nursing school application, but the way things are looking I don't know if it's possible. I have tried everything to get these classes out of the way (they are all I need before I'm done) and for some reason I always get stopped when it's time to start one of them. My first instinct was to just give up because this is the 3rd time I've tried to get into a science class. I have been a LPN for 11 years and I could just kick myself for not going straight through. But all that I'm going through I should have just gone to a 4 year program at least I would've finish w/ a BSN. I've been in school for 2 yrs trying to finish pre req's only because of that darn Algebra. I tested on Compass and was placed in Math 097, then I took 098 (twice), then compass again (I passed it!!) then Alg 1- (I passed). It took so long because me and math don't get along and I could only take 1 other class w/ math just so I could focus on passing the compass a 2nd time. So here I am 2 years later only needing science classes. A&P1 and 2 and Micro. Those will take another year and then the nursing program is a year. Total: 4 years + and I will have a ASN. I should have done a 4 year program for all the trouble I've been through. WHEW!!! It can be sooo hard at times.
  14. ngrshm

    In Need Of Help!!

    Hello to all fellow board members, I am currently an LPN looking for a good bridge program in LA. I am looking to move to CA around June or July. So I will need help from someone that is familiar with LA and the bridge programs (LPN-ASN) that are offered. I will also need someone to show me around town, and show me some good schools there. I have a teenaged son and a 5 y.o daughter that is currently in private school but she will be going into the 1st grade next school year. If there is anyone that is interested in helping to show me the ropes in LA I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to send me a personal email. Thankfully, Noni
  15. ngrshm

    Stressed and Depressed (long vent)

    Sure we can. Are you in Atlanta?
  16. Hi, I'm thinking of relocating to San Diego for a while. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a bridge program LPN/RN in or around the S.D area? If so please forward the info. Thanks!!:)