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Hello everyone, I know that there have been several threads on this site about Abac's bridge program. I have done a lot of research but the threads are kind of out dated. My questions regarding Abac (which I plan to attend in Jan 2014) are:

1. The pharmacology class seems to be a short class, about a month long. There are 4 tests and a final exam. Can anyone give me insight on the pharmacology class? I'm taking it this summer.

2. I know it's only one VERY LONG day a week and I will be traveling from Atlanta, is there anyone else that traveled from other areas? What were your experiences?

3. Class is held until mid day, then break for lunch and clinicals. How was the clinical experience? My clinical experience in LPN school was horrible D/T the nurses treating us really rude..

4. I know there will be a lot of info to take in in one day and sometimes we get overwhelmed. How are the instructors? Are they encouraging or are they the type that has the thought process of "I have mine now you get yours."

5. I think I read somewhere that there's a HESI exit exam, is this true? I know they just incorporated the HESI entrance exam. Also is there a pharmacology exam given quarterly?

I know this is a lot of questions, if anyone that has experienced Abac and is willing to let me know or give me advice I would greatly appreciate it.. Or you can send me an email.


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I currently attend ABAC pharmacology class . I am currently doing good in class . How did you do on the module exam for the bridge program?

I am researching information about ABAC and came across this post. Did you ever get accepted and if so how is it? All of the other posts I have found are out dated and was just wanting some recent information. Also, do you have to work as an LPN for a certain amount of time before you can be accepted into the program?


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I'm looking for info on ABAC aswell.. I'm currently in the Pharmocolgy class..


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Can y'all tell me what the Pharmacology orientation is all about? On the syllabus says a orientation quiz has to be taken-- do y'all remember what was on it??