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medsearcher1 has 21 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiac, Pcu, Tele and Tbi.

I've been a nurse in the trenches for 20 years in just about every capacity. I continually search for what I need in life.

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    New Job, New Cheddar

    Yes I agree Personal finance is a great need according to minority nurse .40% of nurses don't know how to Manager good finance . Im here to change that .
  2. medsearcher1

    New Job, New Cheddar

    Finally, you graduated from nursing school and have passed your NCLEX. All those years of study are finally over, not to mention dealing with all that stress and anxiety when it came to the NCLEX. So now what? it's time to get working. Find that first-time gig that gets you that coveted experience you need right? Newbies On the Job Hold on, I want to talk to you about something else here before the jet starts flying, and that is the money you will be making soon. An average starting hourly wage for a nurse with under a year’s worth of experience is $25 an hour (depending on venue and part of the country). Usually, that’s a major jump in pay for newbies. Not only do you have new job prospects, but you also need to take control of those dineros. Most hospitals have intricate plans for retirement and all plans are different with many options that come with a lot of nighttime reading about when in orientation. A 401k Plan So, a few must-haves to start. If your employer has a 401k plan, PLEASE contribute to it right out the gate. I know what your thinking, why should 1 give my money to retirement - it should be in my pocket. NO, NO, NO. For one, 401k money comes from your paycheck before taxes are taken out, so that huge paycheck you see at the top of the check that you wish was yours, it comes out of that. Very little of your take-home is affected. Please match whatever your employer is offering. If your hospital is matching up to 3%, contribute that amount. It's free money, and don’t be afraid to go higher either. One of the goals I found out recently was 12% of your check should be used for retirement, which is the national average (according to the motley fool website). The Taxing Issues Another area of concern that usually gets newbies mixed up is what should you claim on your tax forms. You have many options here depending on your family unit. Putting it simply, if you claim any of your dependents, the government will take less out of your paycheck, and Uncle Sam will take a bigger chunk on April 15. If you file no dependents even though you have them, the gov will take more out of your check. I know you're panicking right now, right? Hang in there. You will get more in your tax returns at the end of the year that you can bank and do fun stuff with. There are many arguments for and against this advice, I only want to summarize and let you do the research for what is best for you. The End OK, so now it's time to go forth and be fruitful. Get that first job and show the nursing community what you're made of. We need you out here with us; fresh ideas are what makes our profession great. It's important to assess your possibilities and create a good future for yourself. Retirement won’t wait for you to take advantage of it. Before you know it, you'll be running whatever floor you’re on. If not a charge nurse, you might be a preceptor or in another leadership role that will make the time go by. Getting older comes faster than you expect. Don’t be afraid to take the retirement account and transfer it with you no matter where you go either. Let it build up. Ask some of your coworkers what they are up to when it comes to retirement. They may be used to you asking a lot of questions. For information about investing, please read my first Article: Covid-19 and Your Cheddar.
  3. medsearcher1

    how do you budget ?

    The beginning of any personal finance journey must begin with a roadmap. Right? How can u find your way to financial fitness without a plan? it's so easy to go astray when daily life pulls you in so many directions, by the time your ready to do the bills its time to do something else. So here is my question for you. How do you do your budget? Do you use any apps? or is it still white lined paper? I used to never do the bills or considered a budget. Now thanks to some recent wisdom I can see why a budget works. However, you get it done and it works for you is great, tell me how you maintain your budget.
  4. medsearcher1

    Covid-19 and Your Cheddar

    Thats really interesting . That precious metals are u investing in.? Gold, Silver? Do you have ivestments outside the Market besides precious metals? Thanks for the response
  5. medsearcher1

    money issues

    I came accross an article which stated that 40% of nurses had trouble with various aspects of personal finance . the article went on to indicate that travel and new nurses were the sectors that faced the most challenge. I wanted to hear your thoughts on that .
  6. medsearcher1

    Covid-19 and Your Cheddar

    We Are All in Trying Times At The MomentCovid-19 is stressing our healthcare system as well as wall street. In the last several weeks, we have seen all of our amazing gains in the stock market vanish before our eyes. Looking at the situation, we were about to hit 30,000 in the Dow which would have been an all-time high. Our economy was bursting at the seems in success. I was receiving a ton of job offers in my email from travel companies about picking up jobs from all over the U.S. I have also been at my current job for only a year and a half. I invested in their TSP (Tax Sheltered Plan) and the company matched it with 5 %. So I really didn’t have a lot in it when COVID-19 hit. Covid 19 StrikesIn January, COVID-19 was just a scary scenario in Wuhan China. I was hearing reports of someone eating bat soup and then getting sick with a mysterious virus. A doctor had diagnosed what was happening at the epicenter; it really seemed a far away problem. Then towards the end of February ... BAM! We had our first case of Covid 19 in the U.S. The virus spread like wildfire throughout the country. We all started hearing of cases in different states with no deaths. Then we started hearing of cases with deaths and its continued spread. Following all of this as a nurse I started to see precautions going into place. Life became uncomfortable in some areas. The more the news broke about the virus the more we all tuned in like a disaster. The Economy Breaks a HipAfter I started seeing places close in an effort to contain the problem, the Dow started tumbling like a skateboarder on the tv show” Ridiculousness” 10,000 just evaporated, dropping us from a record 30.000 to a stunning fall of 19000 before action was taken to contain the problem. Markets would close early to prevent any further sell-off. I was Interested in What Nurses Were Doing With Their FinancesHow were they protecting their investments? Did anyone do any monetary shuffling? I stumbled across a Covid 19 support group and found a thread that made my heart jump off my chair. It was discussing what I had been looking for. Several nurses were evaluating long term investments and what to do their monetary assets. Several nurses had to move their investments into a holding pattern or withdrew them entirely. With the economy going into ICU, a need was clearly defined and so our congress stepped in to attempt to provide assistance to Americans affected by our current plague. So for a week, we have seen plenty of news reports that indicate our government isn’t very prepared to help us, although a stimulus check may be on the horizon; as of this writing, we haven’t yet been given a clear plan. What Everybody Is Investing InSeveral nurses were talking about investing in Carnival Boeing, 3m and Disney. One really great post from a nurse turned finance adviser stated: “know your risk tolerance before you invest." Several other nurses discussed FORD and GM, calling both a goldmine. I was considering MGM and silver because silver is currently trading at an all-time low at 12 dollars an ounce. I’m sure these will go back up. We are all going to get some cheddar thanks to the gov. Why not consider using an investment app like Robinhood to start something new? Finally ...What are your thoughts on all of this? How would you like to invest your money? Do you have a strategy?
  7. medsearcher1

    vaughn act

    im not sure how many of you are aware of this but a vanderbuildt nurse is under trial for homicide based on a medication error. the state is prosecuting her and I don't feel that's right. besides if this trial is won by the state it will open the door for prosecution of nurses for many things that we aren't really responsible for . so for a school assignment I created the Vaughn act. here is the information , look it over and tell me what you think... vaughn act.docx
  8. medsearcher1

    a new idea ?

    thanks just beechy great points , i would swab the persons home and creat a list of bacteria and there cfu (conlony forming units ) which would show the higher number the more probatiltiy of infection, than utilizing the correct solution to kill or reduce infection risk . of course my report would organize the bacteria from higher risk to lower risk. anyone could potenially do this business (possible franchise opp?) an rn would have an ablity to discuss the bacteria and what disease it would cause. several bacteria notably cdiff wont be removed with public disinfectants . and a good hospital grade cleaning solution would be adequate. i plan on talking to our hospital room cleaners to see what they use. althrough even here its not enough. our hospital swabs our computers and gives us a reading of cfus on the spot anything above 5000 indicates a higher risk of infection or transfering bacteria to patients . this is where i got the idea , now couple that with recent public outbreaks particular to gyms and locker rooms of mrsa and you have a need. i personally would love to know what bacteria is in my home . especally because i have a pain in the ass cat. you could even reduce exposure of pregnant women to toxoplamosis.i plan to try a dry run on my own home to check practacality . i just need a lab to do the swabs . havent figured that out yet .
  9. medsearcher1

    broken nurse

    Im writing to everybody for advice . I feel that im not doing well at my current job . ive been on a cardiac medical floor for 3 years . ive been a nurse for 13 years its been a bumpy ride . I seem to always get into some kind of trouble mostly from people following me . I guess im leaving stuff for people to fix , or not doing something right . or missing things . I leave my job in disappointment every day , my charge nurse tells me im an excellent help to the floor. my other nurse come to me with questions all the time and I help them. im a relief charge nurse and a iv nurse as well as other duties . yet I get emails from my boss and her assisitant pulling me on the carpet for various things . how can I fix this . what am I missing ?
  10. medsearcher1

    Certified Nutrition Support Nurse

    thanks ive been searching for a way to advance my career outside of traditional pathways . what you suggested sounds amazing . how is wellness coaching for you ? does it pay well ? do you feel happy at the end of the day ? pat
  11. medsearcher1

    Certified Nutrition Support Nurse

    has anybody done anything with this certification , opened a business or a consulting business ? been doing some research on it .
  12. medsearcher1

    Alcoholism: disease or choice?

    there is no way alcoholism is a disease , your sugarcoating there behavior by calling it a disease . your giving them an oppurtunity to continue doing what they want by taking the blame off of them . i had way to many people in my life be alcoholics and when i finally said no more to them, and there will be consequences to your selfish drinking issues is when i finally got change . i was able to take a deep breath and relax . my certain family members still get drunk and cause fights they just know not to do it around me because i wont let them get away with it . i will hold you responsible for being an idiot. drunk or sober
  13. medsearcher1

    Nursing certifications

    i thought this would be helpful for the new nurses out there trying to find a job. consider getting certified in a specialty . there are certain requirments you have to meet . and there is usually a fee you have to pay to get certified . but it does turn nurse managers heads when you have that on your resume . also consider community colleges continue education cert programs . it pads the resume and shows you to be a higher caliber than the basic nurse right out of school .
  14. medsearcher1

    The Ultimate Bravery Of Dying Patients

    wow , awesome article its time to start having more fun ,and living
  15. medsearcher1

    Thinking of starting a new community for new grads

    ohhh i get it now , i saw some of the links i kept reading all the bad stories out there for new grads and how they were having trouble finding work . it was heartbreaking to keep reading stories of loss and people giving up . i thought i could help with a community . after seeing the links i guess their is already help out there .
  16. i was thinking of starting a commuinty for new nurses to use as a resource . the website would help the new nurses network with each other to create assistance in helping them find work , any thoughts would be great pat