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medsearcher1 has 23 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiac, Pcu, Tele and Tbi.

I've been a nurse in the trenches for 20 years in just about every capacity. I continually search for what I need in life.

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  1. New Job, New Cheddar

    Yes I agree Personal finance is a great need according to minority nurse .40% of nurses don't know how to Manager good finance . Im here to change that .
  2. New Job, New Cheddar

    Finally, you graduated from nursing school and have passed your NCLEX. All those years of study are finally over, not to mention dealing with all that stress and anxiety when it came to the NCLEX. So now what? it's time to get working. Find that firs...
  3. how do you budget ?

    The beginning of any personal finance journey must begin with a roadmap. Right? How can u find your way to financial fitness without a plan? it's so easy to go astray when daily life pulls you in so many directions, by the time your ready to do the b...
  4. Covid-19 and Your Cheddar

    Thats really interesting . That precious metals are u investing in.? Gold, Silver? Do you have ivestments outside the Market besides precious metals? Thanks for the response
  5. money issues

    What an amazing story . I was like that for years too and then I got my wakeup im saving like crazy. Im glad you used some apps to help track your money a buget is a prime way to see what really going on CONGRATS
  6. money issues

    I agree totally. So many new nurses are caught up in the new salary . They forget the basics of good finance . I did dave ramsey finance peace and it put me way ahead of the curve . I have very little debt your right complete game changer
  7. money issues

    I came accross an article which stated that 40% of nurses had trouble with various aspects of personal finance . the article went on to indicate that travel and new nurses were the sectors that faced the most challenge. I wanted to hear your thoughts...
  8. Covid-19 and Your Cheddar

    We Are All in Trying Times At The MomentCovid-19 is stressing our healthcare system as well as wall street. In the last several weeks, we have seen all of our amazing gains in the stock market vanish before our eyes. Looking at the situation, we were...
  9. vaughn act

    im not sure how many of you are aware of this but a vanderbuildt nurse is under trial for homicide based on a medication error. the state is prosecuting her and I don't feel that's right. besides if this trial is won by the state it will open the doo...
  10. a new idea ?

    thanks just beechy great points , i would swab the persons home and creat a list of bacteria and there cfu (conlony forming units ) which would show the higher number the more probatiltiy of infection, than utilizing the correct solution to kill or r...
  11. broken nurse

    Im writing to everybody for advice . I feel that im not doing well at my current job . ive been on a cardiac medical floor for 3 years . ive been a nurse for 13 years its been a bumpy ride . I seem to always get into some kind of trouble mostly from ...
  12. Certified Nutrition Support Nurse

    thanks ive been searching for a way to advance my career outside of traditional pathways . what you suggested sounds amazing . how is wellness coaching for you ? does it pay well ? do you feel happy at the end of the day ? pat
  13. Certified Nutrition Support Nurse

    has anybody done anything with this certification , opened a business or a consulting business ? been doing some research on it .
  14. Alcoholism: disease or choice?

    there is no way alcoholism is a disease , your sugarcoating there behavior by calling it a disease . your giving them an oppurtunity to continue doing what they want by taking the blame off of them . i had way to many people in my life be alcoholics ...
  15. Nursing certifications

    i thought this would be helpful for the new nurses out there trying to find a job. consider getting certified in a specialty . there are certain requirments you have to meet . and there is usually a fee you have to pay to get certified . but it does ...