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money issues


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I came accross an article which stated that 40% of nurses had trouble with various aspects of personal finance . the article went on to indicate that travel and new nurses were the sectors that faced the most challenge. I wanted to hear your thoughts on that .

Abe23, CNA

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Hey OP,

That’s very interesting to read. I feel like there are definitely a myriad of factors that are at play with this though. I’m currently a nursing student and I know personally, it took me a while time to be somewhat financially responsible, and I highly recommend people do so before becoming a nurse. In the case of new grads, I think the big pay increase from something like a PCT or CNA salary catches many off guard who are most likely not used to making this “much” money, causing inappropriate management of it. Nursing in general is a tough field and people want to be well compensated for their work and spend their money on things they enjoy and that reduce the stress of the Job. Unfortunately one of the first keys to financial responsibility is saving more than you spend, which is where I believe the issue lies.

I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps to financial freedom to whomever is struggling with their finances. It’s a complete game changer!

medsearcher1, BSN

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I agree totally. So many new nurses are caught up in the new salary . They forget the basics of good finance . I did dave ramsey finance peace and it put me way ahead of the curve . I have very little debt your right complete game changer

Enarra, BSN, RN

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Totally true I as new nurse thought and felt I was rich! so bought what I wanted spent freely still saved a bit. This lasted a few years.

I finally sorted out my finances after a good friend asked me why was I living this way paycheck to paycheck when I’m an RN? I signed up for MINT and check weekly and tracked to see where my monies was going. Turns out it’s the small random shopping every day that did the most damage. Then there was amazon junk, take out for lunch and sometimes dinner too, uber.

now I make a shopping list compare it to my budgeted amount and shop within it, cook my own meals, take public transportation and no more shopping LOL. Now I save 1/3 of my paycheck what a difference

medsearcher1, BSN

Specializes in Cardiac, Pcu, Tele and Tbi. Has 21 years experience.

What an amazing story . I was like that for years too and then I got my wakeup cal.now im saving like crazy. Im glad you used some apps to help track your money a buget is a prime way to see what really going on CONGRATS