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  1. first job interview help

    hi guys after months of applying i finally got an interview at harbor ucla medical center. this is my first interview ever as an lvn, i really dont know what to excpect, so can you guys plz give me suggestions on what kind of questions are going to b...
  2. LBCC transition course

    thanks for all the info adro! one last question...i took the math assessment test and i says on my results that i have met the college math requirement for graduation.....does that mean that i dont have to take any math classes to get in the program?...
  3. LBCC transition course

    hello adro! how long did u w8 to get in the bridge program at lbcc?
  4. low gpa+repetitions can i still get in?

    hi guys! im an lvn whos trying to get in the RN bridge program. i started taking pre-reqs classes a few years ago when i was still in high school. i took those classes because my friends were taking them.i didnt really take those classes seriously be...

    i my results today july 30, took the exam july 6.....gudluk yall!!!
  6. kaplan-PN live online

    Welcome to Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
  7. kaplan-PN live online

    ill try to call them on monday....thanks for ur reply : )
  8. kaplan-PN live online

    hello guys... has anybody taken nclex-pn live online?? i just want to know how it works, cuz mines strats at may 4 and i dont know what to do?? are they gonna send me an email or what?? or do i just log in at may 4th? ive been emailing them and they ...
  9. question??

    ok so there was a question in our exam about goes sum like this....if the patient is overhydrated what do u do? do u: 1.)auscultate lung sounds, 2.)obtain order for diuretic, 3) or insert a catheter? well i was choosing between 1 a...
  10. help with this question plz

    ok so i was doing my saunders review and i came across this question: the nurse is taking care of a patient who experiences chest pain. the nurse would interpret that pain is likely due to MI if which of the following observations is made by the nurs...
  11. kaplan books taking too long?

    hey guys, any kaplan online students here? how long does it take for them to deliver ur reading materials? ive been waiting for 2 weeks now and still i havent received a tracking number from them...thanks guys
  12. kaplan review centers

    anybody know a kaplan review center near LA?
  13. LVN school problem need help

    ok so we have to take this big exam before we, someone in our class leaked the exam and sent it to me through email. i did not ask for the exam they just sent it to me, but i did not look at it, i didnt open the email, so i got my resu...
  14. kaplan review center

    does anyone know if theres a kaplan review center near LA???