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ok so we have to take this big exam before we, someone in our class leaked the exam and sent it to me through email. i did not ask for the exam they just sent it to me, but i did not look at it, i didnt open the email, so i got my results and i got 69 percent, i failed the exam, so that proves that i did not look at the exam. now after the exam the school found out that they sent me a copy of the exam. so now all of us have to retake a different exam. this time i passed. now the school said that since i was involved in the scandal, i have to take the kaplan review, cuz they think i dont know ****, they think i cheated. they wont process my papers till i finish that kaplan review and if i dont do the kaplan review they will terminate me and send my name to the board of nursing. so my question is, do they have the right to do that? do they have the right to terminate me? do they have the right to hold the processing of my papers? i did not cheat, i failed the first exam thats my proof, i didnt do anything wrong....

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Are you the only one they said this to, or is it everyone? Not sure that they have the right, but it sounds to me that the school is covering their butts because if it got back to them that the exam was leaked, then, no one knows how far this thing has gotten, so, they are trying to do a corrective action. Sometimes, we don't do ourselves or anyone else any favors by trying to beat the system, so, the person who sent it to the class really did all of you a disservice. Sorry to hear it happened. I do believe that your failing the exam they cheated on is proof that you didn't take advantage of that opportunity.


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Not sure if this will help, but if you received an email to a school-run email address, you might be able to have the IT for the school's system show that your address got the email, but you did not open it up.

This will be a bit harder if it was a personal email address instead though. Best of Luck.