low gpa+repetitions can i still get in?

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hi guys!

im an lvn whos trying to get in the RN bridge program. i started taking pre-reqs classes a few years ago when i was still in high school. i took those classes because my friends were taking them.i didnt really take those classes seriously because at that time i was stupid and didnt know that most schools dont allow more than one repetition for the sciene prerequisites. i got a D in micro and anatomy and unfortunately for me i found out that the nursing program at la harbor college does not accept students who repeated a couple of science classes. so i panicked and started to feel depressed and blamed myself for not taking micro and anatomy seriously. i decided to search online for other schools that i could apply to, luckily there are a few schools that would accept my application. so i took anatomy and micro again and got a B in both classes, and the following semester i took physio and got an A. i have a low gpa (2.5-2.8 not sure) mainly because of the two D's i got in micro and anatomy, and one D that i got from a class that i took back in 05',criminal justice, i only took that class cuz my mom forced me to take it so i could graduate early in high school.im done with all my pre-reqs and GE classes except for pol sci. so my question is, does anyone here got in a bridge program with low gpa and a couple of repeated science classes? is there still hope for me?

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