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  1. shortstuff52

    Nashville General Hospital - Need Input

    Hello, does anyone have any input on Nashville General Hospital... I've seen a lot of post regarding Vanderbilt but I may take an assignment at NGH... I heard it's rough? Where are some decent location for housing? Should I be worried? Maybe regarding patient population, crime, safety etc? Thanks!
  2. shortstuff52

    Scared of owing money

    i would like an answer to the low tax rate too.. i was worried about it but my recruiter told me not to worry? but i havent talked to an accountant about it and i dont have a accountant familiar with travel nursing..? i like the idea of low tax and high non tax, but will i get in trouble? irs doesnt know what your profession is right? i plan on doing travel nursing for a year or two and dont have crazy expenses so i guess im not worried about stuff like purchasing a new home or something... thanks for the help!
  3. shortstuff52


    Are you signed up with CCTC? I'm still looking for my next assignment and was thinking about TN.
  4. shortstuff52

    Travel buddy?!

    I'm a new traveler as well. I am in NH, my contract ends Oct 28.. I've been trying to figure out where I want to go next. I am 28, single and have one pup. I was looking into AZ, TX, CO, HI, KY, N/SC,... Sarah
  5. shortstuff52

    Young Med\Surg nurse looking to travel

    Hey! I am looking to travel to Austin, TX (if the right opportunity comes along)! I have been a nurse a little less than 3years on a med-surg/psych unit. And I get similar patients as the other nurse... Have you been looking for housing? I have a dog I am trying to take with me but I'm scared it's going To be hard to find housing. Sarah
  6. shortstuff52

    New to Travel RN, need help with base bay

    Thank you for your help! I am still looking around and trying to compare other agencies (if and when they back to me)
  7. shortstuff52

    Young Med\Surg nurse looking to travel

    Which agency are or were you a part of? As a starting new travel nurse what is a typical pay rate?
  8. shortstuff52

    New to Travel RN, need help with base bay

    Hello, I am new to travel nursing and am currently talking to one agency- they have a position/location I am interested in. I understand that pay differs with location and speciality. I am looking into a position in Austin, TX on a med-surg/tele unit. I have been a nurse almost three years. I had a question regarding pay and incentives... This is what the agency offered me: "The pay is $29.00hr, plus free housing or the housing stipend of $2,450.00 per month.The taxable base rate is $20.00hr, plus you get $245.00 for meals, that is not taxed as long as I claim a permanent residence." And that's how $29/hr comes out. Is that a good deal or am I getting a poor offer? I am currently getting a little over $29 now.. It seems as though I am losing money. This is a 13 week contract. Any help would be very helpful... I never knew how complex this could be Thank you. Sarah
  9. shortstuff52

    Kennedy Krieger Shadow Day

    I'm not quite sure about the details of the shadow day.. as in what unit/floor I will be on..but thank you for the tip!
  10. shortstuff52

    Kennedy Krieger Shadow Day

    Hi. I am scheduled to have a shadow day at KKI... I was wondering if anyone has been to one and what I should expect. I am planning on dressing business/casual, maybe bring a folder with paper... any other suggestions/recommendations? I'm not too familiar with KKI and their units... any pointers? Thank you.
  11. shortstuff52

    Textbook Search: CD or Book

    Is anyone selling their UMB Nursing Textbooks?
  12. shortstuff52

    Textbook Search: CD or Book

    I was wondering what would be better to get: I need to get 2 reference books (Drug and Diagnostic/Lab) would it be better to get a CD copy of the the book or the actual hard-copy of the book. Its about 1,000 pages and I was also wondering if I would be carrying it around... Thanks
  13. I was wondering what is the best way to set up your schedule. Currently I have Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun "free" and packed all the other classes/lab Mon, Tues and Thurs. Would it be better to spread all my classes out to I would only have 1-2 class a day? I have decent breaks inbetween the classes tho. Thanks for the help =)
  14. shortstuff52

    Does the NET have a science section?

    umb, im taking the TEAS test on wed 3/12 for CCBC.. are you doing the same?
  15. shortstuff52

    Does the NET have a science section?

    hello =) i was wondering if the NET had a science section like the TEAS test... i havent taken either of them, but ive gotten really worried because my NET test is tmrw and i didnt study for the science section. i heard the reading comprehension were science related but not actual question regarding bio, a&p... etc.. thanks for the help
  16. shortstuff52

    NET/TEAS study help...

    heyy.. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on these entrance exams. i havent bought the study guides for these test cause ive heard mixed reviews.. some say they do help and others say they dont... would you recommend i buy the study guide or will i do ok by looking at other sample study books? cause i have a kaplan one but im scared now cause ive heard the exams were tricky...and the science portion was hard.. thanks for the help

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