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  1. I have a physical and paperwork day coming up and I was wondering...is this when I will be getting all my work related information.. like pay, benefits, schedule, parking, picture for ID, etc? Also I am in the process of obtaining my DC license... I plan I getting all my paperwork done Tuesday... Do you think this will give me enough time before the actual orientation? (DC now requires background checks.. which takes a while)... I hope I have all the required documents as well.... Thanks
  2. shortstuff52

    Kennedy Krieger Shadow Day

    I'm not quite sure about the details of the shadow day.. as in what unit/floor I will be on..but thank you for the tip!
  3. shortstuff52

    Kennedy Krieger Shadow Day

    Hi. I am scheduled to have a shadow day at KKI... I was wondering if anyone has been to one and what I should expect. I am planning on dressing business/casual, maybe bring a folder with paper... any other suggestions/recommendations? I'm not too familiar with KKI and their units... any pointers? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I wanted some input from fellow nurses/nursing students who are in the military/who might be interested in joining the military after they graduate. I know its best that I go see each branch's recruiters individually but I would still like some input... I haven't decided on which branch exactly, but I was looking toward Navy, Air Force and Army (Ranking in order) But I haven't done much research regarding benefits, locations/placements, and other pertinent information. Does anyone have any suggestions? I kind of think I wouldn't mind being away from home but who knows... I think I can handle the physical training but after I keep thinking about everything in general and about a future family... it just gets me worried. I'm still young (23) and I know I have a lot time ahead of me... But one main reason I would like to join is for the confidence and benefits in the long run. I had a question about pay... In the civilian setting, if you work in the ICU compared to general Med-Surg, ICU typically gets paid more. But is that not how it works in the military. Will you get paid the same regardless where you work? (Considering I'm a new graduate) Thank You