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You did what you knew how to do; when you knew better, you did better. - Maya Angelou


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  1. not.done.yet


    I have never heard of UTA having that. I do believe that some of the community colleges have pathways for that though. That would be a cheaper option in any case. El Centro, Brookhaven, Collin College, Grayson College - give those a look.
  2. I think a lot of LTC positions do require this. It would be a good question to ask in your interview.
  3. not.done.yet

    Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    Most online schools want a degree higher than an MSN, so there is a chance you won't be able to secure one of those jobs without going higher still. Working in professional development at a pediatric hospital will open more doors to you as well as generally pay much better. However, often those jobs are only full time, though at my facility we do have some who are PRN and work a couple of shifts a week. The ROI is a question only you can answer. How will you feel down the line if you never do this? I personally have more than gotten my money's worth in terms of pay, opportunities, reduced stress and increased job satisfaction. But I work full time. We are, however, the same age. I hope answers become clearer to you and you have peace with your decision. I am wishing you well!
  4. not.done.yet

    Faculty and Professors not teaching?

    I don't have any info, but it isn't unusual to have graduate level instructors being "teaching assistants" at reputable universities. This sounds similar and yes, they often pay low but can open doors in terms of having experience.
  5. not.done.yet

    Nurse on a Mission Trip to Belize

    This is something I have started in recent weeks looking seriously at doing. I hope I get the opportunity and read your report voraciously. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  6. not.done.yet

    Left two jobs, worked at each one only a year. Any hope?

    It may indeed be harder. You need to have a good reason for leaving that makes sense why you aren't currently working.
  7. not.done.yet

    Pre nursing student has a question for current RNs

    Lots of nurses out there went into the field because it is a solid way to earn a living with little chance (most of the time) of being unable to find work. You don't have to have a calling to be a good one.
  8. not.done.yet

    I came across this resources, how genuine do you think it is?

    It is genuinely guaranteed to get you kicked out of nursing school. Any more questions?
  9. not.done.yet

    Desperate and need advice

    See your doctor. This is fixable.
  10. not.done.yet

    Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?

    And in general private schools do have a much lower NCLEX pass rate and high degree of predatory lending. Avoid them.
  11. not.done.yet

    Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?

    Never never never. I paid less than that for my ADN....added to my BSN.....added to my MSN. Way way wayyyyyyyyyyyy less. Less by half. There is zero reason to go into that kind of debt. You could get all of your degrees and not spend that much.
  12. not.done.yet

    How to be a Perfect Nurse

    I confess I could not read this very verbose, lengthy document. It quickly became unclear if it was actually a complaint, sarcasm, a bone to pick, a diatribe or what. I am sorry you are unhappy. I don't think about being perfect and I don't feel pressured to be so. I do think about being the best nurse I can be and I work hard to do that.
  13. I agree with all of the above. It isn't good but it isn't fatal. In your review, after you calm a bit, examine what was going on in your shift and in your thinking that made you feel that was the best course of action in the moment. Identify the factors that influenced you (fatigue, overwhelmed, afraid to perform differently than the experienced nurse/peer pressure, self criticism for needing to ask more questions, unsure how to order the med from pharmacy and get it quickly, rushing, patient badgering you for the med, etc). Identify how you could have done better. It may be helpful to debrief the situation with a trusted experienced nurse. Then, next time, you will do better.
  14. not.done.yet


    What PediatricRNTX said.
  15. not.done.yet

    Did getting your MSN-Education open doors?

    Yes, my MSN-Ed has opened doors. I earn around $95K per year and work four 10s. That being said, yesterday I got pulled into the ER to transport patients because we were overloaded and I stayed pretty darn late. Sometimes we have to come in at night - after all, night shift needs what we do as well. I love my job. I feel fulfilled, fairly paid and I like my schedule a lot.