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  1. How Nurses Cope with Death

    I so appreciated this article! I left ED nursing in 2012 after 27 years, and now am orienting as a hospice nurse. Next month I join the peds hospice side. In all my years of ED nursing I felt like the ED nurses that posted in the article, that if ...
  2. So what's the one piece of advice you wish someone told you...

    Three weeks into orientation, I really appreciate tips like these. After over 25 years as a nurse, I feel like a newbie again. I am alternately challenged and overwhelmed. I find the case management part is quite overwhelming, but looking forward t...
  3. A Day in the Life of a Hospice Nurse

    Thanks for your wonderful story, I think you all bumped the thread at just the right time. Blessings and peace.
  4. Silver Lining

    Great story again, you really have the knack for putting the reader right beside you. Hope Dean did well!
  5. Sexual activity between dementia residents, (news article)

    Thanks so much for your responses! In my experience, choices concerning patient care for those who are not able to consent for themselves rests with their health care proxies or with the next of kin. Is that not the case in LTC facilities? I can't ...
  6. Sexual activity between dementia residents, (news article)

    I have a lot of questions about this issue, and I am probably wrong about a lot of my thoughts, so I came here for clarification. My experience is hospital based, ED and OP. If residents are in the nursing home because they are demented and cannot ...
  7. Aloha....introduce yourself

    aloha, LL! Keep on trying; and sign up for multiple agencies if you need to. I used Altres and Island Nurses with success a couple of years ago; they both kept me busy and I could pick my own schedule. Keep in close touch with the schedulers and t...
  8. Gave My Notice, Now Told it Wasn't Enough

    "Unprofessional" is how your manager is acting. You are not the problem, and your manager is taking out frustrations on you. Make sure your departure date is okay with your union and enjoy your new job! Huzzah! that manager won't be there l...
  9. Case Study

    Now that one gets my vote.
  10. Case Study

    I've never seen a patient fake nystagmus. Is it something to do with heavy nicotine?
  11. NPSG compliance

    From what I've read, this is not considered acceptable labeling. In my book it is, but according to JCAHO, this method is not what they want. A good example of what they want is posted on the last premixed med your inpt pharmacy delivered to your d...
  12. How do you deal with.....?

    Network with other nurses, do a little travel nursing on the side, see other hospitals with their work environment and types of patients. It's not all like you are experiencing, and you know the old saying that whatever doesn't kill you makes you st...
  13. ENA shipping charges

    It's all kinda fishy. I even called ENA to make sure the email was authentic (that the sender really DID work for them.) Bad business to have no other shipping options but their choice (UPS ground.) Give me some other choices! Also REALLY bad bu...
  14. A comic going to the ER

    Perfect! Someone finally understands the silliness of the pain scales/descriptions we have to use. And he didn't even get to the domestic violence screening or the tetanus shot! The moaning had me ROTFLMAO! Love it! He had it right on about the pa...
  15. The Trauma after the Trauma

    :redbeathe You are a great nurse. And a wonderful writer. God bless you, Scrappy!