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MachoNurse has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Quality Improvement / Informatics.

Recovering pediatric and ED nurse

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  1. When I first came across informatics a few years ago, I got really excited. I had left the floor and was working in Quality and thought these two skills (along with a previous career as a hardware engineer) would make Informatics a perfect fit for me...
  2. MachoNurse

    Seeking recommendations for MS Informatics

    Thanks, Tony. I liked UI Chicago's program. Also check out University of New England. What are the other programs you liked? What direction are you planning to take your career with an Informatics degree? I've been working in Quality Improvement for ...
  3. Hi, I'm looking into online MS in Informatics programs and would love recommendations. I'm intrigued by the competency-based program of Walden and Western Governors (WGU), and get there are pros and cons to this design. Please share your wisdom and e...
  4. MachoNurse

    Seeking Peds ER position

    Thanks for asking, Danceluver. I found a great job in the ED at Children's National Medical Center in DC. I landed a position in their Fellowship program, which is giving me a 14-week orientation with eight weeks of didactics. This is twice as much t...
  5. MachoNurse

    Seeking Peds ER position

    Greetings, I've finally made the decision to leave the Bay Area in order to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatric ER nurse. I have one year's experience in pediatric med/surg, and six months of short-term pediatric clinical assignments. I'm wonder...
  6. Greetings! I'm in my fourth month as a new grad working as a pediatric nurse. I love being with the children and their families, but just can't see myself running around passing meds for too much longer. I'm willing to put my time in as a hospital nu...
  7. MachoNurse

    Any tips for interviewing with CHKD?

    Congratulations on your new job! When do you start? In what department will you be working? Are you in a new grad program? I'm hoping to have a phone interview with them this week. Thanks! Macho Nurse
  8. MachoNurse

    Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad

    I took the NCLEX this afternoon, it shut off at 75 questions, perhaps 10 of which I was sure of, and said "Thanks for playing!" Since I don't drink, I went to the bookstore and bought the biggest chocolate chip cookie I could find and sat and read c...
  9. MachoNurse

    PICU questions from PediED

    Congrats on the new job, SpunkyAggie! Where did you get hired? I'm out here in the Bay Area and it's slim pickins!
  10. MachoNurse

    Precepting in the PICU

    Congratulations, Chickidee! I just started my PICU preceptorship, and so far, so good. I think it's on the lower end of PICUs, but I'm grateful to be there. Let us know how it goes for you. Macho Nurse
  11. MachoNurse

    Finding a peds job as a new graduate

    Hey there, I'm graduating in 36 days! :dncgbby::dncgcpd::dncgbby::dncgcpd: Things sure have changed since I started down this road two years ago, hiring bonuses and nursing shortages. I'm in the SF Bay Area, and there are practically NO jobs for new ...
  12. MachoNurse

    New grad accepted peds offer

    Congratulations, Candiam! Where do you live and at what hospital will you be working? Will you be entering a new grad program/orientation? Rob
  13. MachoNurse

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Intensity Questions

    Hi Biggiecali, I'd say that overall, I'm disappointed with what appears to be acceptable of a nursing education in general. Everyone keeps saying, "Oh, I didn't learn anything in nursing school. You get it all on the job." As a former educator, I jus...
  14. MachoNurse

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Intensity Questions

    I can sell you the following books, all in good or great condition: Bastable. "Essentials of Patient Education" Ackley. "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" Burns. "Understanding Nursing Research" Ebersole. "Gerentological Nursing & Healthy Aging" I al...
  15. MachoNurse

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Intensity Questions

    I'm in the Oakland ABSN program right now, graduating this May. I think just about everyone on my cohort is disappointed with the quality of education and instruction. Classroom instructors are nice and well-intentioned, but clearly lacking in teache...