Seeking recommendations for MS Informatics

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I'm looking into online MS in Informatics programs and would love recommendations. I'm intrigued by the competency-based program of Walden and Western Governors (WGU), and get there are pros and cons to this design. Please share your wisdom and experience with these or other programs. I'm also open to tradition "course-based" online programs.

Thanks in advance!


ACRosas, BSN

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I'm in the same boat and I'll share what my research turned up. WGU was also my first interest as our hospital offers a 75% discount to be a coach. So why didn't I choose it? The reviews didn't inspire confidence in being equipped as other MS-HI (Master's Science Health Informatics) programs. The biggest turn off was that ALL the classes were pass/fail. Now, this might work for someone with in-hospital experience with HI and just solidifies that with a degree, but I'm choosing University of Washington's CIPCT ( or University of Illinois, Chicago's HI program. Both are about 2 years and online, but UW meets in person I think twice a year, both seem to prepare you for a role in HI and both were economically viable. I looked at many other completely online schools and could share those with you if you're still searching.


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Thanks, Tony. I liked UI Chicago's program. Also check out University of New England. What are the other programs you liked?

What direction are you planning to take your career with an Informatics degree? I've been working in Quality Improvement for five years, and thus unable to become a superuser on the floor. After speaking with many schools, I'm no longer sure what the degree will get me without that experience. Any thoughts?