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  1. Business Card Title

    I need to give a template for my business card. I was curious what other people use. Do you list all your education? Example: Firstname last name, BSN, RN, PHN, SNSC Or do you just list RN? I have seen a ton of different answers online.
  2. CCRN 2013

    Hello, I have been a registered nurse in the Critical Care for a few years and would like to take my CCRN in the next few months. Anyone else preparing? I remember reading here a few years back their was a recommended coarse to take/study, to assist ...
  3. New grad wanting to work in ICU.

    Hello, I entered ICU as a new grad. It will be two years in august. You might want to call and see if they accept new grads into ICU as I believe not all do. I planned on going into a tele unit but couldn't pass up the opening in ICU. It is possible:...
  4. CCRN

    Hello, I would like to take the CCRN and would like to start studing now. Is there any books or CDs, or videos that are must haves? With so many to choose from, it is hard to decide. Thank you ~Kim
  5. Let's see...I have seen a Baby (first name) Girl (Middle Name), Jello and Ollej (twins), Alize (like the alcohol), my boyfriend said he knew a pair of twins that were name orangejello and some sort of other jello, and my sisters teacher told us that ...
  6. Student sense of entitlement

    I am a recent graduate and I can see what nurses and nursing students are talking about. As a student the teachers would like us to think of ourselves as "equal", which we are not. We are there to learn and have new experiances to hopefully one day b...
  7. Do You Wear Gloves When...

    I have been taught to always wear gloves also as you never know what the patient has but has not been diagnosed with. I remember first semester we had a check off and they told us to follow what our skills manuel said. Well, no where did it say to do...
  8. I was 130lb when I started and 170 at graduation. I am 6 feet tall, so I was underweight to begin with. I graduated in December and a few weeks after school ended my face cleared up and I lost 10 pounds without even trying. I use to work out like a f...
  9. Did you sit by john and Gloria?
  10. I had Magee :)
  11. Has anyone took NCLEX in the afternoon?

    I scheduled my test at 1415, but I got there earlier and was able to start. I finished I think in about an hour. I took it later that way I was not jumping out of bed and taking it. I ate some steel oats in the morning and tried to relax. I didn't sl...
  12. I passed!! I am an RN!!

    Thank you everyone. Good Luck to those that are going to take the NCLEX soon. Remember: You can do it!!!!:yeah:
  13. I passed!! I am an RN!!

    I looked on the website. :)
  14. Failed Nclex-RN

    Please don't give up until you see the results. :icon_hug:
  15. I passed!! I am an RN!!

    Thank you for all your support!!!:bowingpur