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I have been a registered nurse in the Critical Care for a few years and would like to take my CCRN in the next few months. Anyone else preparing? I remember reading here a few years back their was a recommended coarse to take/study, to assist in passing. I am going to start this month and register to take the test in September or October. I hope to be ready to take by the middle of October or so. I finished my BSN a few months ago and am ready to take the next step.

Thank you in advance for your input.


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I took the PEDS CCRN in February and this was my plan of attack:

AACN sells an online review course, which was six, two-hour modules. After reading the Core Curriculum, I self-designed a week-long 'boot camp'. I studied one module per day for six days and took the exam on the seventh!

The KEY for me was scheduling the exam- so I could not back out.

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I recently took the CCRN and relied heavily on the Laura Gasparis tapes, "CCRN Review Cram." I read about it on I think she could teach a new grad to pass the test, the tapes are that good. The only other thing I did was pay $25 to subscribe to the question bank associated with the Pass CCRN book (I did not buy the book itself) so I had a lot of questions to practice with. For $25, you get 1300 questions will full rationale. I think that, the longer you've been in CCU, the easier the test will be. I passed pretty easily, 103/125 questions. Passing score was 89.

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I'm going to start studying in December after I'm finished with my RN to BSN program. My goal is to take it by July 2014. By that point I'll have been in the ICU for 2 years. I have one AACN study book, but I'm going to look into the Gasparis videos too.


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TammyG - I would like to subscribe to the databank but don't see it offered. Can you list the link? Thanks Elle


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Sadly, it does not appear to be available anymore, either as a stand-alone option or even as part of the E-book. That is unfortunate because it was a great bargain.


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Do you need to study? Yes. But don't stress too much with studying the ccrn is not a very hard test.


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BSN, RN, CCRN as of today! I used Laura G and Pass CCRN (question bank only--the book is WAY too involved). Good luck to all who are studying!