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  1. countdown2RN

    Strangest thing you've heard a co-worker or patient say?

    Thanks for that one! If she can make it in nursing school and pass her boards then I know I will be just fine! LOL :chuckle
  2. It depends on what you are trying to "memorize" ?! I agree with above posts that it is best to try and learn the concept vs. memorizing. However, if it is something like meds, I like to use different colors and group them by classification. For me...
  3. countdown2RN

    Summer Break and Overwhelmed!

    I spoke to my recruiter today about possibly floating to other units such as med-surg, oncology etc. In response to Daytonite's question - I think that I am much better with my test taking skills. I am most uncomfortable with fluids/electrolytes, AB...
  4. countdown2RN

    Summer Break and Overwhelmed!

    I am interning at a hospital in the Mother/Baby Unit, so I am exposure, just not Med-Surg.
  5. countdown2RN

    GBS - stupid question

    If a pt is GBS positive are they a just considered "carrier" or are they actually "infected". I had OB last semester and should remember this, but don't!
  6. countdown2RN

    What are the Nurse Interns on your unit allowed to do?

    i am actually considered an employee of the hospital. so far i haven't really preformed cna/tech duties, except for sometimes giving the babies baths. i am able to do many things, (with the exception to drawing blood and meds) but am usually supervis...
  7. I am a student graduating next May. I recently started interning at a Women's hospital. I am loving it! :heartbeatI am curious as to what interns/externs where you work are able to do (mother/baby, L&D) ?? Such as procedures, teachings, etc? Th...
  8. countdown2RN

    Summer Break and Overwhelmed!

    I am about to start my last year of nursing school in August(ADN program). I am off this summer. I have Peds, Psych, and Adult Health 2 before I graduate next May(09). I am not sure what I should be doing over the summer. :confused:I got a C in Foun...
  9. countdown2RN

    The MED Memphis

    Does anyone have experience working at The MED? If so what would you consider the best and worst areas to Extern.
  10. countdown2RN

    Care Plan Help

    He is hallucinating, "sees 6-12 children in his house that are always being wild and the place up" The only other problem is orthostatic hypotension. This is a MED SURG clinical -not Psych.
  11. countdown2RN

    Care Plan Help

    My pt was admitted into the hosp for "altered mental status" The cause is unknown, so how do I do a patho???
  12. countdown2RN

    I need advice

    I am sorry to hear that you didnt do well. Remember though, that for most people (at least at my school) fluids and electrolytes is the hardest test. We had to take ours in the 1st semester and I think less than 10 people passed it- out of 60 somethi...
  13. countdown2RN

    Pregant during Nursing School?

    oops! Wrong place
  14. countdown2RN

    Pregant during Nursing School?

    speaking from experience it is very hard! i had applied to my schools nursing program that started last spring (07) i didnt get in and figured i would have to wait until spring (08). my husband and i had been talking about having a baby and since ...
  15. countdown2RN

    Need Help with care plan!!!!!!!!

    I didnt learn about allnurses until recently. Thanks again :)