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Does anyone have experience working at The MED? If so what would you

consider the best and worst areas to Extern.:confused:


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Does anyone have experience working at The MED? If so what would you

consider the best and worst areas to Extern.:confused:

I Worked there. PM me, if you still are considering.


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I have never worked there. However, my husband was in a very bad motorcycle accident 4 years ago and cut his leg off. They took him to The Med and they did a wonderful job. You would never know it looking at him that he had that wreck. He has a slight scar and if he works to much then his leg does get tired but.... HE IS ALIVE & He has a leg. (As you can tell the alive part means much more to me) :redbeathe

But, I do have to say the after care there was horrible and it was so scary being there by ourselves. My poor husband would get in the wheelchair and go with me to the vending machines to get us food because he did not want me going alone. There were cops on each end of the hall we were on because there were convicts in those rooms. There was one really scary one in the room across from the room with the microwave and stuff. I hated going in there because he would stare at me the whole time. FREAKY!!!

So the only advise I can give you (which you already know 1) by my message and 2) if you live in Memphis) is to be VERY VERY careful. I have heard that I will be doing some of my clinicals there and my husband has already bought me a taser(sp?) gun. haha


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Yes, all true. I worked in the trauma ICU there in 03 and 04. They do a lot of good. It is in a bad area and they are in the middle of trying to financially stable out. I hope things work out for the hospital, bc Memphis needs a Level I trauma center and you can't do it easily. A majority of the injured are uninsured. So, it is a very hard place to work and it is an old hospital with a lot of needed repairs and the equipment definately needs to be updated/fixed. I learned a lot there though.

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I have done clinical rotations there and I'd just like to say that not once have I felt in danger!! Everyone is so scared of the hospital (and patients!?!) Sure, it's a public hospital and it's not in a great part of town, it's old, and it's big. As far as safety, between The MED, the VA (right next door), and Lebonheur (the other neighbor), UT medical school, Baptist nursing school, and some other places I can't think of, there are a LOT of people down there. Just don't purposefully run around alone outside at 3 am looking for trouble. There are shuttles to the parking lot, and you can always travel in groups if you're so inclined. I actually felt more in danger being on the psych unit (different hospital) with 25 rehab patients wandering around me... As for inside the hospital I haven't once felt threatened or freaked out. Maybe that's me. Maybe it's because I've lived here awhile. I just don't let it intimidate me. The MED serves a lot of people that really need good nurses and care. It is has been a great experience to do rotations there, and I am definately considering working there after school.


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I've already decided The Med is where I want to work after completing nursing school.


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My mom worked there 20 years in the trauma unit. She loved it.

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