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Sherriblu has 30 years experience.

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  1. Sherriblu

    Nursing: Then and Now

    Technology has helped nursing progress but the care is not as good as 30 years ago!!! We also lost respect when we stopped with hats n white. We never worried about getting sued. We had less pt so good give better care. Hospitals were clean!!
  2. Sherriblu

    Dealing with calls from work

    Say no and don't feel guilty! take care of yourself!!!
  3. Sherriblu

    nurses can't get sick.

    I work for a Peds homehealth care agency. I have been sick with a Uri and thought I would give the agency a heads up that I might not be better for my shift tomorrow night. I work with vent and trach kids. My boss was not nice on the phone nor understanding. What kind of world are we in when you can't be sick and you try to I do the right thing and get blasted for it? Kinda hurt my feelings. Why does doing the right thing theses days not matter?? Is it just me? If I had a vulnerable child no way would I a sick nurse care for my child!!
  4. Sherriblu

    Passed out during clinical

    I felt like that watching a surgery once. It's happened to most of us
  5. Sherriblu

    Single Dad, Work, and School?

    I agree with Bronze!!!
  6. Sherriblu

    Feeling hopeless about future after only 6 weeks into Nursing school

    Just focus on one step at a time and use all the resources you find on the internet and most of all never give up!!!
  7. Sherriblu

    Reporting Neglect in Home Health

    I was at a case the other day and this family is already being monitored by Child Protection. The 2 year old was left by mom to roam the house while mom slept. He is not my patient ! I told the agency and they didn't say much but I have to go back there and will they know I reported them? The baby I care for is complex but I couldn't not watch the 2 year old.
  8. Sherriblu


    Took a total of 7 weeks to endorse to Texas. I called every week or it would have taken longer.
  9. Sherriblu

    Am I Too Old To Go Back To School?

    You can do it !!!
  10. Sherriblu

    No travel LPN positions

    I know how you feel. lpns aren't valued like they used to be but here in Texas they do have more options.
  11. Sherriblu


    the temporary license took about 3 weeks but I have been waiting for my permanent for six weeks so apply for that long before your temporary is expired. They are very slow and I call every week. Very frustrating.
  12. Sherriblu

    Slow for Endorsement

    Why is Texas nursing board so slow??It has been weeks now and every time I call I get the runaround. Trying to endorse from Minn to Texas. Last time I called after a month she said it had still not been looked at. What can I do ? I need to be working and they don't seem to care!!
  13. I am trying to get a Texas license from Minn and it has been a month already. I called today and they are still processing and she said I can't work until I get that but a agency here said I can. Minn is not a compact state so I have to wait. The agency says they call them to move it along but I don't think that is right. I feel until I get that I would be practicing without a license . I feel I have to go by what the board says and not what the agency RN saysx. What do u think??:
  14. Sherriblu

    Vent training

    I am a home care nurse working as an independent contractor and was offered to care for a girl on a vent but I have never cared for someone on a vent. The mom is going to show me. I don't know if I am setting myself up for liability. Any thoughts?
  15. Sherriblu

    Former Navy Corpsman searching for alternitives.

    Look at Excelsior lpn to rn, i think they accept corpsman in that program!!
  16. I went thru almost the whole Excelsior lpn to RN program but it took me over the 7 years and now I cant finish there. Does anyone know in LPN to BSN at Indiana State University if EXcelsior credits transfer there? IT would be such a shame to lose all theses credits and hard work. Excelsior is not un:uhoh3:derstanding in this way.