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  1. AzMom81

    Online for Assoc. RN??

    I originally asked the question because I work in the medical field already so I have all the hands on experience but MA's since are more clinical than hospital are viewed not elgible for excelsior. Not sure about indiana i will check that out. It's just hard I have to work full time and I am trying to get my classes done to get onto my clinicals which I can work around my schedule. So if anyone ever finds anything let me know!
  2. AzMom81

    Online for Assoc. RN??

    Hey everyone I am wondering if there is a online school that you can get your associates RN degree?? Excelsior isn't an option I am a medical assistant and they won't except me. I just have a family and work full time so online works best for me I am looking for any help! Thanks =) Heather
  3. AzMom81

    Excelsior Help Please

    yeah i am wondering what 50% do they want in illinois i have everything done for there RN program except for the core RN classes so i do have over 50% completed of their total RN program I am wondering if that is qualifying for application?
  4. AzMom81

    Excelsior Help Please

    hello all! I have read the board and their website and I sent an email just wanted to post here to see if i can get an answer faster. So I am a medical assistant and I have all my prereq's done I just need the core nursing classes is excelsior an option for me? I was unsure what the 50% of clinical classes meant. I have done a lot of classes online before so I know this will work for me I just want to know from others who have or are going there! Thanks. Also if I am unable to apply for excelsior is there any other accreditated school that offers online that is an option? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks so much! Heather
  5. AzMom81

    My A&P access code??

    I am wondering if anyone has the code for the marieb book? I just need to prin t out one chapter since we are going on vacation and I don't want to take the book with? My book unfortunatly didnt have the option or it was lost. Please this would help me sooooo much! THank you all and good luck this semester! Heather
  6. AzMom81

    A&P Marieb 7th,ed Access Code??????

    I have the atlas, I am just trying to access the online so I dont have to make copies with the book and can just print them it just saves a step I guess for me. I am making a study guide as I go. But if you do find that you have the code and it works I would love to use it anyways i just want the pics to copy.
  7. Hello All! I am in A&P and for some reason dont have an access code i am wondering if anyonw would be willing to share there's? I just want to be able to print some of the pictures from the book off without having to make copies? I have the Marieb 7th edition, I am taking classes @ Rio Salado! Thanks all and good luck in A&P this semester!