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  1. mizzmonick19

    UMB Spring 2010 Applicants (BSN or CNL)

    Good for you mhinds12 I have a few more classes between the spring and summer session next year! Hopefully you wil get in for spring 2010! Good luck again!
  2. mizzmonick19

    UMB Spring 2010 Applicants (BSN or CNL)

    I don't think it's too early i'm applying for the fall 2010 semester BSN program! I'm turning everything in next month I just can't decide which campus to attend tho....
  3. mizzmonick19

    UMB Spring 2010 Applicants (BSN or CNL)

    Thanks for asking that question I was wondering the same thing=) congrats to everyone who has been accepted and good luck for the ones still waiting!
  4. mizzmonick19

    Taking prereqs and applying spring 2010 for fall 2010

    hello to all perspective nursing students! i live in southern md and i'm a perspective applicant to umb school of nursing for fall 2010. i will apply this upcoming spring semester, application is due by feb. 1st 2010! this fall i'm taking chemistry i lecture and lab english i sociology spring 2010 english ii statistics history elective humanities elective oh and i have to take the net before january i've already finished my science courses with a 4.0 gpa. good luck to everyone applying your season will come! don't give up!!
  5. mizzmonick19

    Should I get my Associates or Bachelors in Nursing??

    I don't have any marriage or family obligations but to take care of myself. So for my situation I chose to get my BSN instead of ADN. I live in the state of MD and all of the nursing programs are 2 years long after completion of pre-reqs for both ADN and BSN! Also it's not expensive about $7000 for each year. So before you make a decision list your pros and cons!
  6. mizzmonick19

    NET Exam testing offered over the summer???

    I'm taking mines in May or June in Bethesda MD
  7. mizzmonick19

    NET Exam testing offered over the summer???

    Yeah it should be. I had to contact the nursing school I was interested in and they told me who I needed to contact. But I do believe everyone goes through ERI for registeration. If you do, you have to pay a $100 fee to register, then you have to contact PearsonVue for testing center dates and times. It depends on what state/town you live in as well, because of the different testing times and locations. I hope this helps. Also I live in the state of Maryland.
  8. Thank you JRFraker for the feedback about the stimulation labs. I look forward to touring the SG campus soon. One more question if I may, do students at SG campus have clinical rotations in Bmore I would love to experience the Shock Trauma at UMMC center! Thank you in advance :wink2:
  9. e_pigpig I have a question for you about the SG campus? Do they have the stimulation lab similiar to Baltimore? I'm so glad to hear so many good things about SG- a smaller class makes it more easier to get on an one on one level with fellow classmates and staff. I will be going their for sure! Thank you in advance.
  10. Congrats angelp71 and everyone else who has been accepted to UMB for Fall 09'. I'm excited to have found this thread I apply in September for Spring 2010.
  11. Hello to All, I'm a prospective nursing student wanting to apply to University of Maryland SON for Spring 2010. I currently have a 3.67 GPA, a 4.0 in sciences. I have been to the school's website but wanted to know what are my chances of getting in?