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This question is to all current PGCC nursing students, how many out of county students do they accept? I live out of county (Charles County) and plan on applying for their nursing program in Nov.


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I'm not excatly sure how many they accept. I live in county and was accepted. Although I heard from other nur students that not a lot of out of county students got in. I would estimate no more than ten tops out of the sixty available seats for the RN program. I hope this helps.


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I can't imagine that they really look very hard at residence to be honest. It's all by core GPA (A&P 1&2, Micro, Mat 135? or higher or stats, Psy 101, Eng 101) then overall GPA, then by completed Co-reqs. They take the top 60, reserving some spots for LPN-RN transitions, and if people are tied, then they go to the next category. The nursing dept doesn't even do this; it's the administration that handles it. Just make sure your transcripts are tip top...and your GPA and classes completed are accurate in the PG system. Iv'e heard horror stories of eligible students being denied over a mistake in the computer.

Also, the "pool" of applicants changes every semester. There is no waitlist, so a core GPA of 3.5 might get you passed over one semester, and a 3.3 may get you in the next.

I am applying to nursing school right now at CSM leonardtown campus and they do go by residency.....they say openly that in county residence get priority admissions over out of county. Lucky for me because the leonardtown campus is out in the country so not as many people as in DC or Baltimore area. :)